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That's a Rap
Babi Mac and the Ying Yang Twins perform on the final day of the rally, but the crowd is forced indoors due to inclement weather. Meanwhile, a wedding takes place and Mike has a shocking surprise in store for Jesse.

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All Hail's Gonna Break Loose
Jesse's son, Nigel, headlines on the main stage for the first time.But with vicious weather on the way, Mike and the staff must find a way to keep the Rally going.

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Jackyl Night
Jesse secretly prepares for his dangerous exploding-box stunt; and Stir Fry Hai and Fajita Mike get all fired up over a cook-off. Meanwhile, another conflict arises over Flaunt's performance.

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Crunch Time
The kitchen runs out of food and propane, and Angie divulges a secret; Mike is second guessing himself.

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Big and Rich
When ticket sales are low for the Big and Rich concert, Mike and Jesse scramble to avoid losing $100K. Jesse is torn between doing a stunt and keeping his word to his family.

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Taking Out the Trash
Michael's new trash truck flips over; a surprise awaits Jesse; and the Ballads discover they've been taken advantage of by someone they know.

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Hot Throttle, Turn Up the Heat, Too Hot to Handle
Tensions and temperatures rise at the bar; Jesse is concerned about losing electricity with the installation of a big video screen is installed; and Michael investigates the disappearance of cabin furniture.

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Baby on Board
Angie and Michael's baby news puts a wrench in the Rockstar Dancers' plans to perform at the Throttle this year. Then, Bret Michaels' equipment truck breaks down leaving his concert up in the air.

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A Throttle Without Its Captain
Poor weather conditions threaten the second day of the rally, while Jesse makes a test run for a dangerous stunt he's planning to attempt, and the bar takes a hit when two top bartenders quit.

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Serving Two Masters
In the fifth season premiere, Michael is faced with a dilemma.

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Full Throttle Saloon is an American television series that aired on truTV from 2009 until, capturing the pulse of one of the world's unique biker bars. The show is a journey into the inner workings of the Full Throttle Saloon, often referred to as "the world's largest biker bar" located in Sturgis, South Dakota. The series shines a spotlight on the eye-catching world of custom motorcycles, biker culture, and the charismatic personalities that breathe life into this extraordinary environment.

The show revolves primarily around the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which brings together thousands of bikers within the one legendary venue. This ten-day event sees the Full Throttle Saloon transformed from a quiet off-season location into a bustling hub, overflowing with motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life. With the seasonal traffic, the show captures the fast-paced, high-octane experience that comes with running an establishment of this magnitude, given all the excitement, chaos, and challenges it brings.

The principal character is the owner Michael Ballard, a charismatic figure with the daunting job of managing the Saloon each rally season. He has the enormous task of ensuring the saloon's smooth operation and managing the multitude of events taking place, including live music performances, burnout pits, zip lines, billiard games, and heavyweight wrestling. Moreover, the show delves into Ballard's personal life, his relationships, his struggles, and his ultimate ambition of keeping the Full Throttle Saloon's legacy alive.

Supporting Ballard is his dedicated team, with key members including Angie, his significant other, who is also the marketing director of the saloon, and Jesse James Dupree, the business partner, and frontman of the rock band Jackyl. Dupree's role goes beyond merely performing with his band on the Full Throttle's stages but also involves playing an active part in the saloon's operations and events.

The unique architecture and eccentric ambiance of the Full Throttle Saloon are equally significant characters in the series. With an open-air, wood-built aesthetic that covers 30 acres, the Saloon features several large music stages, a burn-out pit, a tattoo parlor, zip lines, multiple bars, plus a range of retail shops. All these elements blend to create a Substantial character, sharing an irresistible appeal that attracts bikers from all over the world during the Sturgis Rally.

The narrative of Full Throttle Saloon unfolds with humor, drama, and action. One season might witness the challenging logistics of coordinating a superstar's surprising concert event, while another might delve into the painstaking hurdles of running a bar amidst financially tough times. Equally, it might focus on the familial bond among the Saloon's crew members or Ballard's plans to expand his operation, making each episode an unpredictable adventure.

Additionally, the show offers a fascinating, close-up view into the distinctive culture and lifestyle of bikers. It presents glimpses into the incredible craftsmanship of custom motorbikes at the rally, the diversity amongst the biker community, and the various traditions and unspoken rules that govern this unique culture, such as respect for the machines and the brotherhood that exists among riders.

Full Throttle Saloon showcases the intriguing realm of the Full Throttle Saloon's operation during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, offering viewers a front-row seat to everything that goes into running the world’s largest biker bar. From the planning and preparation that happens before the event to the return to normalcy once the last biker has left, the series documents the saloon's operations in a detailed and engaging manner.

In a nutshell, Full Throttle Saloon is a high-energy series marked by the larger-than-life personalities, the fascinating world of custom motorcycles, and the unparalleled atmosphere of camaraderie at the Sturgis Rally. It is more than just a series about a bar; it's a glimpse into a unique American subculture threaded by a common passion for the open road, the thunderous roar of engines, and a shared sense of freedom that defines the biker lifestyle.

Full Throttle Saloon is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.4.

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