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There's No Place Like Home
On the season finale, Jessie is honored to be asked back to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, this time with her family in tow.

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Christmas In July
With the Deckers confirmed to stay in Tennessee, Eric and Jessie are excited to see what the future has in store; Eric joins Jessie in the studio to work on her new Christmas album; the couple finds out if their family is about to get even bigger.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is
Still waiting for answers about Eric's football career, Eric and Jessie's busy trip to Los Angeles serves as a distraction; Jessie's Aunt Sharon visits and her tarot cards bring hidden messages; Eric gets the big news they've been waiting for.

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Master Pranksters
Jessie arranges a sexy surprise for Eric's Father's Day gift; Karen and Sydney are in full baby mode, catching up on some baby shopping and shower planning; Jessie is disappointed as Eric appears to have forgotten another anniversary.

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Girls Night Out
Eric reels from shock of being cut from his team; Jessie receives upsetting news; determined to show everyone what they're made of, Eric gets back in the gym while Jessie delivers a fun, powerful performance for her fans.

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Southern Charm
Eric, Jessie and family finally reunite at their Nashville home; Jessie gets back to work recording a duet with country star Randy Houser; Eric receives some shocking news that will change the Deckers' lives.

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What Happens In Vegas
Jessie heads to LA to scout locations for an upcoming photo shoot for her brand, then jets over to Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards; Eric realizes his new appreciation for football as he grapples with his uncertain future.

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Home Sweet Decker
Eric & Jessie are busier than ever as new parents with full careers. After being sidelined, Eric hopes for a clean bill of health.

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Eric & Jessie: Game On is a reality-TV series that aired on the E! network from 2013 to 2017. The unscripted show provides viewers with a unique window into the private lives of celebrity couple Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker. Eric, whose well-built physique and astonishing athletic prowess made him a remarkable NFL wide-receiver, and Jessie, a sassy country-pop singer with a vivacious personality, became audience favorites with their warm and relatable on-screen presence. The show follows the couple's journey as they navigate their high-profile careers, their personal lives, and their relationship with each other while maintaining their quirky and candid sense of humor. Throughout three seasons, the viewers witness the couple's unique, unfiltered take on married life, the joys and challenges of parenting, and the constant balancing act of their dual professions in the public eye. Set against the backdrop of Denver, Colorado, the first season of Eric & Jessie: Game On sets the stage by introducing Eric as a dedicated and passionate player for the Denver Broncos, whilst Jessie juggles her flourishing music career and the tumultuous music industry. The viewers are also introduced to the couple's adorable love story and their preparations for their upcoming nuptials, making for a blissfully romantic and dramatic watch. The subsequent seasons delve deeper into the couple's life, showcasing their natural progression from lovers to parents. As Jessie and Eric expand their family, the viewers get to experience heartwarming, intimate family moments. The show also offers fans a rare glance at the couple's fascinating dynamic – from negotiating who gets to change the baby's diapers to managing Eric's demanding football schedule and Jessie's recording sessions. Additional aspects of the series present viewers with glimpses into the couple's day-to-day shenanigans and amusing pranks, their journeys to exotic vacation spots, and their interactions with family members and friends. The seamless blend of humor, family dynamics, and reality storytelling makes the show relatable and enjoyable, proving that the Deckers are not so different from any other couple, albeit their fame and success. Eric & Jessie: Game On thrives on the palpable chemistry the couple shares, highlighting their support and understanding of each other, even amid chaotic times of football seasons, concerts, and long tours. Season 3 particularly delves into how they balance their responsibilities as they manage their growing family and multifaceted careers. Eric is the embodiment of a loving, doting husband and father, whilst simultaneously managing his professional football career with integrity and dedication. Meanwhile, Jessie's sparkly, energetic presence in every episode reflects her love for life and family, and her passion for her music career. She too, like Eric, never lets her celebrity profile overshadow her genuine, candid personality. Often compared to a romantic comedy unfolding in real life, Eric & Jessie: Game On has been lauded for its attention-grabbing storytelling and the couple's effortless charisma. The deckers' down-to-earth demeanor contrasted with their glamorous lives offers a refreshing take on the reality-TV genre. A compelling mix of love, family, fame, and football, Eric & Jessie: Game On stands as a lighthearted reality series that delivers an entertaining expedition into the couple's "game on!" approach to life. Whether seen as a cozy family series or a captivating celebrity reality series, the show holds an appealing charm for a diverse audience. The authenticity of their marital bond, combined with their enthusiastic approach to their careers, lays the foundation of this delightful series, making it a notable option among lighter television fare. Above all, the show feeds eager fans' curiosity about their favorite celebrity couple by offering an inside view of their life and documenting their transition from newlyweds to a heartwarming family of five. It is indeed a definitive addition to the reality-TV content of E! Network, famed for its celebrity-centric programming. From football games, music tours, to parenting and parties, Eric & Jessie: Game On is easy, breezy, and fun – just like the couple it is centered around.

Eric & Jessie: Game On is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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