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Don't Look Back
When you're in high school, everything feels different in the summer -- and for the students of Degrassi, this summer is no exception.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 25 Now

Finally, Pt 2
Drew agrees to help Dallas salvage Prom and is punished. Clare is still unsure of her future plans, including where she stands with Eli.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 24 Now

The Kids Aren't Alright, Pt 2
Vince has taken Zig in and treated him like family, but his actions have put Zig, and now even Maya, in harm's way. Drew's accusations towards Jonah are now making Becky suspicious.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 22 Now

The Kids Aren't Alright, Pt 1
Zig becomes an accomplice to a crime. With opening night fast approaching, Frankie finds herself falling for Winston all over again.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 21 Now

Buy Her Candy
Zig is hesitant to let Maya see his new place. Clare discovers something fishy at the school, and decides to expose it.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 20 Now

I Wanna Be Adored
Prom is fast approaching, but Clare is MIA from committee meetings. Zig moves in with Tiny and is finding it hard to adjust.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 19 Now

Give Me One Reason
Maya has someone special on her mind. Clare embarks on an impromptu road trip to New York. Hunter has a crush, but expressing his feelings might do more harm than good.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 18 Now

Get It Together
Becky has feelings for Jonah, but is unsure. Maya hopes gym class will boost her average - not as easy as she thought.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 17 Now

Walking In My Shoes
The entire school hates Zo« and she tries to win them back. Frankie's grades are starting to slip. Could she resort to her father's ways of getting ahead? Imogen and Jack are dealing with stuff that could affect their relationship.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 16 Now

It's Frankie's birthday, and she's going to celebrate it, Hollingsworth style -- with a Gatsby party!

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 15 Now

Ready or Not
Winston is set to play the lead in his musical but is not pleased that Lola could star opposite him. The musical seems to be the perfect distraction for Zig, but the reality of the situation hits him in the face.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 14 Now

Watch Out Now
Degrassi is now in the hands of a new, strict Administrator which means new, strict rules. Becky and songwriting partner Jonah come up with the idea of a lunch time variety show.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 13 Now

Firestarter, Pt 2
The Hollingsworth campaign is in its final stretch, and the stress level at home is high. Frankie and Winston create an elaborate plan to prove that Zo« is not so innocent.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 12 Now

Firestarter, Pt 1
Degrassi's fundraising scandal threatens to ruin Frankie's relationship with her father. Zig and Tiny compete to get a cheerleader's number.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 11 Now

Here V.S. Villain
Mr. Simpson calls an assembly to address the offending fundraising website. Tristan is trying his best to make up with Miles. Alli can't keep a secret and blurts Clare's news to Dallas.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 10 Now

Something's Got To Give
Drew is committed to keeping Becky happy but his situation with Clare has his attention divided. Maya lies in order to protect Miles.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 9 Now

Tristan organizes an intervention for Miles. Zo« is sure that Hunter is the blackmailer and confronts him.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 8 Now

I'll Be Missing You
Zo« receives threatening anonymous texts about her fundraising activities. And Miles is ditching a lot of school.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 7 Now

(You Drive Me) Crazy
Maya can't sleep because of her nightmares. She realizes she needs professional help. Imogen is honest with Jack about wanting monogamy. Frankie finds disturbing comics on Hunter's computer.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 6 Now

There's Your Trouble
Even with her faith as strong as it is, Becky can't bring herself to forgive her brother. Zo« pushes the cheer squad too hard and they crack under the pressure.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 5 Now

Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Clare builds the courage to tell Eli about her situation. Winston is insecure about his friendship with Miles.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 4 Now

If You Could Only See
Zo« gets an idea for the perfect fundraiser. One of her friends is in trouble and Maya doesn't want to remain silent.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 3 Now

Wise Up
Clare's baby daddy is not taking the easy way out. Mr. Hollingsorth thinks he can buy Miles' support. Zo« is over being judged by everyone - including Zig.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 2 Now

Smells Like Teen Spirit
When morning sickness overwhelms Clare, she confides in Alli and Jenna. Zo« sees red when Becky tells her she is too much of a distraction for the power cheer team.

Watch Degrassi: Next Class Season 14 Episode 1 Now

Degrassi: Next Class is a contemporary spinoff of the critically acclaimed Degrassi franchise that originally aired from 2016 to 2017. A part of Family channel’s F2N lineup, the series retains the same character-driven, issue-oriented style that has become a trademark of the Degrassi universe, delivering engaging storylines that touch on important themes relevant to teenagers today. Set at the fictional Degrassi Community School in Toronto, Canada, Degrassi: Next Class chronicles the lives of a diverse group of teens as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. Dealing with the world of high school while also grappling with their individual struggles, the show provides an intelligent, entertaining, and often thought-provoking observation of challenges faced by young people today. The series smartly embraces the complexities of teenage life, delivering a relatable and realistic portrayal of high school experience. The characters are a diverse mix of various backgrounds, cultures, and personalities, representing the modern high school landscape. From interpersonal relationships, peer pressure, maintaining academics, LGBTQ+ issues, bullying to several forms of teenage angst, the series explores a wide range of subjects, making every episode a unique exploration of topical issues. Degrassi: Next Class is recognized for its balanced and respectful approach toward sensitive topics, carefully handling each issue with a level of seriousness that helps viewers understand various aspects of these issues. The intent is not to sensationalize, but to educate and promote understanding – a cornerstone of the Degrassi brand. The series is fueled by engaging performances from a talented young cast, a number of whom have grown in their roles since featuring in the franchise's previous installments. Their performances lend authenticity to the stories, making their characters' experiences more believable and relatable. The show also uses an impressive array of guest stars, who often play significant roles in amplifying the series' broad appeal. Online and social media communication also play a significant role in Degrassi: Next Class, taking the narrative beyond traditional boundaries. The show utilizes these platforms to extend its reach, intertwining its storyline with modern-day adolescent digital interaction. The manner in which the characters communicate, express, and interpret life through text messages, videos, or social media posts is a realistic representation of today's screen-led teen culture. With improved production values compared to its predecessors, Degrassi: Next Class maintains the franchise's high standards when it comes to quality of storytelling. The production design, costumes, and cinematography effectively create an immersive high school environment, adding to the series' real world charm. The carefully curated soundtrack features a mix of popular songs and original music, reflecting the energy, emotions, and evolving tastes of its teenage characters. While Degrassi: Next Class is unflinchingly dramatic in parts, it also manages to incorporate a layer of humor, light moments, and witty dialogues that add a certain charm to the show. It’s not all calamity, and the storylines often unveil life lessons, joy, love, friendship, triumph, and growth; elements that are synonymous with the roller coaster ride of teenage years. One of the strongest aspects of Degrassi: Next Class is its ability to evolve and adapt. The show has grown alongside its viewers, and it takes into account the changing perspectives, trends, and issues affecting teenagers in a digital age. It continues to be a platform for sparking conversation and encouraging understanding among its target audience. In summary, Degrassi: Next Class takes on the challenge of portraying the modern teenage experience with authenticity, intelligence, and a liberal dash of entertainment. It is a testament to the franchise's undying relevance and its unwavering commitment to bring to life, the true essence of teenage years - never shying away from the tough discussions, but at the same time, never forgetting to celebrate the vibrant spirit of adolescence. From first crushes to serious societal issues, the series is more than just a high-school drama—it's a conversation starter and a guide, making it a must-watch for every teenager.

Degrassi: Next Class is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 19 seasons with a total of 138 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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