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What If It's Him
Hopper finally breaks the "day" and sees "tomorrow" only to find out the next day brings some more problems.

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What If She's the Key
Hopper learns his girlfriend, Rita, plays an important role in the entire conspiracy.

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What If He Walks Away
To his disappointment, Hopper wakes up to revisit the same day although the case had been cleared the night before.

Watch Day Break Season 1 Episode 11 Now

What If He's Free
After some more research, Hopper finally finds out who really murdered ADA Alberto Garza.

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What If They're Connected
Hopper struggles to find the connection between Booth, a city counselor, and Garza. That connection seems to lie in the role that Booth's assistant has in the plot.

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What If She's Lying
Hopper fears his sister, Jennifer, is involved in the plot against him. He first visits his mother to learn more about the connection, and suspects his late father's involvement in the Contreras murder could be at the bottom of the plot.

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What If He's Not Alone
After following up on a clue, Hopper unexpectedly meets with the man who had bit him and learns he is not the only person who is reliving the day over and over again.

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What If They Find Him
Hopper, who is in possession of the murder book, is able to track down a lead in the 1991 murder case that could hold answers he needs to clear himself.

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What If They're Stuck
Hopper returns to Internal Affairs twice in search of the murder book. The first time he's arrested (and Rita's subsequently killed); the second time he pulls a gun on Chad and takes him hostage.

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What If He Can Change The Day
Hopper gets an unexpected phone call that could lead to some answers as he comes between Andrea and Eddie, the fired cop who plunged off her deck into a ravine. Hopper also confronts Ava the swimmer about the package containing the hourglass that Garza had her send him, and he learns that Ava sent a package to his sister, Jennifer, as well.

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What If He Lets Her Go
Hopper discovers that somebody close to him may have had a role in framing him for Garza's murder. Meanwhile, some critical clues come to light that may aid Hopper in making his hellacious day come to an end.

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What If They Run
Hopper makes the decision to take Rita and make a run for it by getting out of town in an attempt to escape the day. But he soon discovers the disastrous consequences of his rash actions.

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What If They Run Pilot
Detective Brett Hopper is having a hellacious day; the kind of day where nothing goes his way and he just can't wait to put it behind him... only he can't, because he's living the same day over and over again.

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Day Break is a captivating action-thriller television series that aired on the ABC network from 2006 to 2007. The series stars Taye Diggs, Moon Bloodgood, Victoria Pratt, and Meta Golding in the lead roles, with a supporting cast that adds to the allure of the show.

The plot of Day Break revolves around the character Detective Brett Hopper, played by Taye Diggs. He is an upright LA police detective who, in a ground-breaking storytelling format, has to relive the same harrowing day repeatedly where he is wrongfully accused and charged with the murder of Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza. Each day, wake-up alarm brings the same dreadful day filled with peril; every morning he is seized and then chased by unidentified assailants, persecuted by the law enforcement, and despised by his loved ones.

Moon Bloodgood plays the role of Hopper's girlfriend, Rita Shelten, who is caught in the enigma of the repeating day, but she is oblivious to the repetitive chain of events. In each repeating day, Hopper needs to discover new traces that get him closer to the truth of why this is occurring. He must uncover who has set him up, all the while trying to prevent the murder from occurring. Furthermore, Hopper must strive to retain what he can, rectify what he can't, and stave off an increasing feeling of insanity with each passing day.

Besides Diggs and Bloodgood, Victoria Pratt essays the role of Andrea Battle, a determined and tenacious police detective who finds herself intertwined in Hopper's predicament. Battle, while rightfully suspicious of Hopper, ultimately becomes a crucial ally in solving and preventing the murder. Meta Golding is a resilient and complex character in the show, playing the role of Jennifer Mathis.

Day Break is a blend of action, mystery, and science fiction with a sprinkle of romance. It is enticing primarily because of its unique and interesting presentation of the concept of time. The entire season following the single worst day of an individual's life, played in continuous loop, gives viewers an intriguing perspective of alternative choices and their impact on the course of events. The continuous quest to stop a murder and the unpredictability of the resolution will keep viewers hooked from the first episode to the last.

The direction of Day Break is laudable, awash with impressive cinematography and effective narrative transitions. The clever cutting between sequences supports the narrative's hectic pace. Furthermore, the script cleverly incorporates elements of suspense, keeping the audience guessing throughout. There's also a continuous sense of pressure that's palpable, effectively showcasing Hopper's mental state as he is caught in this relentless time loop.

Additionally, the performances provided by the cast, most notably Taye Diggs, are exceptional. Diggs fully embodies the role of a man caught in a web of conspiracy and confusion, providing the necessary intensity, fear, desperation, and perseverance required by the character.

Despite its engaging premise, Day Break had a short lifespan, but it holds its charm and interest even years after its release, because the series smartly crafts a cohesive storyline within its limited time frame, leaving you satiated yet intrigued by its concept.

In short, Day Break is a television series that thrives on an interesting blend of mystery, crime, and science fiction, coupled with strong performances and powerful storytelling. It's a series that takes the audience with Hopper on his journey, experiencing his frustrations, sharing his victories, and starting anew each day beside him. Don't expect to passively watch this one; Day Break demands your attention and your mental participation all through its bewildering journey.

Day Break is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 15 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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