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Aircrews launch into unforgiving conditions to rescue a young woman gone missing, an elderly woman with heart pain and two severely injured males. When no one else will fly, the Coast Guard will launch to the rescue.

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For All Their Efforts
Time is critical for an overturned skiff with two people in the water, a man experiencing kidney failure and two stranded individuals. The Coast Guard must respond amidst rapidly deteriorating conditions.

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Hook, Line and Sinker
Coast Guard crews brave hazardous weather and low visibility to effect multiple rescues - a fisherman with a fishhook lodged in his eye, a woman experiencing a heart attack and a boat in distress following a heated dispute.

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Saving the Fallen
The Coast Guard are called out to help a fisherman at risk of losing his arm and also to help a young man that suffered a dangerous fall.

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To Final Flights
Air Station Sitka crews must find the quickest route to rescue a logger with severe head trauma and bleeding, and a man whose health is quickly deteriorating. In Kodiak, a motor vessel is hit by a rogue wave that causes multiple injuries.

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Sitka Responds
Air Station Sitka departs in deteriorating weather to medevac an infant in dire condition, search for a male aboard an overdue skiff and assist a vessel being pounded by waves.

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In a Land Far Away
Air Station Kodiak faces harsh weather en route to a man with a severed finger, and launches on a long-range SAR for a man injured from a 75-foot fall. In Sitka, aircrews medevac an elderly heart attack patient and a man severely burned in a house fire.

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The Wind Was Raging
A hunter, stranded for 7 days in Alaska's inhospitable weather is rescued by Air Station Sitka, while in Kodiak, an aircrew battles rough weather to rescue four fishermen forced to abandon ship.

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Coast Guard Alaska, an awe-inspiring documentary television series, presents a profound look into the intense and rewarding life of the United States Coast Guard deployed in the most unforgiving and yet breathtaking landscapes of Alaska. Produced by Al Roker Entertainment in association with the United States Coast Guard, the show was broadcasted on the Weather Channel from 2011 to 2015. The series opens with astonishing vistas of Alaska's picturesque landscapes - everything from the turbulent seas to the rugged mountain ranges and remote wilderness. This backdrop however symbolizes much more than pure ascetical delight. For the Coast Guard men and women stationed in the 'Last Frontier', these formidable terrains and waterways pose relentless challenges, grueling tasks, and ever-present danger. Coast Guard Alaska delves into the daily lives and operations of the brave members of the Air Station Kodiak located on Kodiak Island. The air station is one of the largest Coast Guard bases in the United States and arguably one of the busiest. With an operational area covering the entire state of Alaska, the seas surrounding it, and parts of the Pacific Ocean, the patrolman stationed here are trained to deal with a wide range of demanding missions. The episodes typically revolve around the teams responding to distress calls, executing daring rescue missions, conducting law enforcement patrols, and safeguarding the marine environment. The swift and seamless execution of these operations requires the pinnacle of skills in air, sea, and land navigation, expert medical response, deep survival instincts, and immense physical and mental resilience. The show does an excellent job of portraying the crucial role of technical proficiency in their work. A substantial amount of information is provided about the aircraft utilized in their operations such as the MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and HC-130 Hercules fixed-wing aircraft, including their distinct features, maneuverability, and role. Additionally, the series provides significant insight into the technological sophistication on and off board that allows them to navigate through the sometimes brutal Alaskan elements and challenging geography. Besides the action-filled rescues and drills, the show also offers an intimate look into the lives of Coast Guard personnel off duty. It showcases the human aspect of these servicemen and women, emphasizing their dedication to their service while also balancing their family and personal lives. It brings the audience up close with trainings and camaraderie at the base, family goodbyes, and heart-touching moments when they miss home while on extended operations. But perhaps what shines through in every episode of Coast Guard Alaska is the sheer audacity and heroism that these brave men and women display. Their courage in the face of imminent danger, their dedication to upholding the law, their commitment to serving the community, and their willingness to sacrifice their personal comfort and safety for the welfare of others are the cornerstones of this series. The compelling narrative coupled with stunning real-life action footage, dramatic rescues, and personal testimonies from the crew and those they rescue makes this series a gripping watch. Each episode of Coast Guard Alaska is not just about the life-saving operations carried out by the Coast Guard, but it’s also a celebration of these men and women’s relentless spirit, their passion, their courage, and ultimately, their extraordinary service to humanity. Through both heart-shattering setbacks and triumphant successes, the series portrays the adventures of the Coast Guard in its true essence. The realistic depictions of extreme weather conditions, the in-depth look at the preparation and performance of rescue missions, and the bonds formed between the crew add to this gripping reality television experience. To conclude, Coast Guard Alaska isn't just a documentary series, but a tribute to the heroic figures of the U.S. Coast Guard. Their lives are filled with immense risks, grand achievements, personal sacrifice, and a profound sense of duty. With its authentic and exhilarating storytelling, stunning visuals, and heartbreaking realities, Coast Guard Alaska tells the untold stories of these unsung heroes, making it much more than just another reality show. In its beautiful complexity, the show bridges the gap between us and the brave world of the Alaska Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Alaska is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 42 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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