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Rescues in the Fields and Mountains
A barely-conscious young man spends a frigid night waiting after his car tumbles off a steep mountain road; a truck-driver experiences complications delivering his wife's baby; Onstar connects a crash victim to 911.

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Life-Saving and"Car-Saviing" Technology at Work
A man becomes hopelessly lost in a national park after an afternoon joyride on a motorcycle, and rescuers must take to the skies to try and locate him before its too late.

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Breaking Point
A 911 dispatcher turns negotiator in an all-night SWAT standoff with a suicidal man barricaded in his home; a mother and daughter rely on Onstar to dispatch rescue personnel after they are involved in a severe car crash.

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Family Dramas at Home
A husband and grandmother become "midwives" when there's no time for an expectant Mom to make it to the hospital; an elderly man's fall into a bathtub proves life-threatening; burning bacon erupts into a greasefire that threatens the lives of a faimly.

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No Time to Waste
A frantic mother's toddler begins choking in a car; a bedroom becomes a delivery room for a Michigan couple when their baby decides "it's time"; and an elderly man goes on a shooting spree from inside his mobile home before he is talked into surrendering.

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Family Held Hostage
A Texas man and woman are held hostage at gunpoint by their own son, who negotiates with police and 911 dispatchers during a tense standoff.

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911, SWAT and ONSTAR to the Rescue
A mother fears for her son's life after receiving a prank "kidnapping" call initiated by the boy himself; after a head-on collision, only Onstar can make the call to 911 for help to rescue a diabetic victim who wrecked his car in a sunflower field.

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Peril on the Ground and in the Skies
While 3 men rob a Florida bank, a brave employee hides under a desk to alert 911 and bring police to the rescue; a routine flight in a private plane turns potentially disastrous when runway lights are turned off and the aircraft loses power.

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Extreme Tension
A woman catches a burglar breaking into her home; a neighbor fears someone's trapped inside a burning house

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High Risk Rescues
A horrifying fire ignites from an oxygen tank in an elderly couple's home; stormy winter weather turns a call for help into a race against the clock to save a life.

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911 Nonsense (Part 2)
On his way to a rap concert, a fan calls 911 to request a police escort; a man stops his Ferrari on train tracks to call 911 for directions; an overzealous hot sauce lover makes an emergency appeal to "put out the fire" in his mouth.

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911 Nonsense (Part 1)
A museum burglar gets stuck in an air vent and calls 911 to be rescued; 2 fast food patrons report "emergencies" from the drive-thru lanes; a lonely woman considers getting the phone number of a "cute cop" an issue of life or death.

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Alaskan Sorrow and Joy
In Fairbanks, Alaska police engage a mental patient in an all-night standoff after he brutally murders a staff worker; a Fairbanks 911 dispatcher helps a Russian couple deliver a baby on a lonely Alaskan highway.

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Seconds From Tragedy
A man shoots his wife, flees the scene and narrowly avoids being shot by police; a cat wakes a woman in a burning house and rescuers arrive just as she gives up hope for survival.

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Sudden Terror
A young boy hides in a bedroom while burglars ravage his house; a boy suffers a violent seizure to the horror of his sisters who call 911; a hiking expedition turns to terror for a woman and 4 girls when a bobcat attacks.

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Critical Calls
A purse snatcher meets his match when a determined victim calls 911; a nervous Dad watches as his wife gives birth in a parking lot; a pregnant woman suffers a seizure and her young son makes a critical call for help.

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Mysterious Emergencies
To the horror of her children, a mother is struck by lightning in the comfort of her home; a 911 team struggles to find the location of a mysterious, injured cell-phone caller knocked unconscious by a horse.

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Triple Traumas
The incredible story of a man whose heart stopped beating 60 times and the efforts of a remarkable medical team that refused to let him die; gasoline ignites in the face of a tractor operator, causing a terrifying explosion; a rock climbing expedition

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Our Worst Nightmares
Operating a heavy ride 'em lawnmower, a horrified mother accidentally runs over the leg of her small son, severing the limb; a man's shortness of breath signals the start of a severe heart attack.

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Intersection Traumas
Three sisters are pinned inside a car after being broadsided by a pickup truck; a boy driving a go-kart suffers severe head injuries after colliding with a full-size car.

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Tragedies at Home
A family of four is trapped inside a burning house while another daughter watches outside in horror; a teenage girl locks herself in a bathroom while two female robbers break into her house.

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Call 911, a gripping series from True Crime Files by ID that aired in 2008, is a heart-stopping real-life drama that provides an unprecedented window into some of America’s most compelling and high-stakes emergency situations. Unveiling the frighteningly real and sometimes devastating occasions when individuals are forced to dial 911 and seek help, this series graphically illustrates real-life emergencies and the relevance of the lifesaving 911 system in contemporary society. The format of Call 911 is unique and engaging, with each episode featuring authentic emergency calls and allowing viewers to experience these frantic moments intimately through the perspective of both the caller and the responders. The program masterfully uses reenactments interwoven with actual 911 calls and interviews with the people involved to provide a well-rounded picture of each scenario, immersing the audience into the story like never before. These stories cover a wide array of dire situations, from home invasions, medical emergencies, accidents to fires, presenting a stunning cross-section of American life and the many ways in which crisis can strike unexpectedly. The authenticity of the calls, combined with the narrative surrounding the incidents, creates a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat viewing experience. The show's primary aim is not just to entertain but also to educate the viewer on proper conduct and handling of urgent scenarios. As panic and confusion often accompany such emergencies, Call 911 offers a realistic depiction of how people respond during these situations and the quick thinking that can be the difference between life and death. The series is, indeed, a tribute to the 911 dispatchers and first responders who work relentlessly around the clock, responding to horrifying situations with utmost courage and professionalism. As it takes viewers through the suspense and intensity of these situations, Call 911 becomes an education in crisis management, a reminder of the sheer unpredictability of life, and a testament to human resilience and the power of emergency response systems. The narration is calibrated for suspense, creating an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty that mirrors what the victims and 911 operators must feel in these desperate situations. Despite its sometimes-distressing subject matter, Call 911 also offers hope. It showcases extraordinary stories of survival, courage, and heroism that can emerge even in the darkest of times. The wide spectrum of emergencies displayed throughout the series serves as a stark reminder of the immense importance of the 911 system, and the invaluable work of the unsung heroes who answer these calls. At the same time, it also emphasizes how ordinary people can step up and become heroes in their own right when caught in extraordinary circumstances. Each episode of Call 911 is characterized by high stakes, emotionality, suspense, and resolution, which effectively holds the viewers' interest while increasing their awareness and empathy towards real-life heroes. The highly dramatic reenactments equally contribute to the overall viewing experience, providing a vivid depiction of the events as they unfold and often leaving a lasting impression long after the episode ends. From the nail-biting presentation of the emergency calls to the valuable learning that each episode imparts, Call 911 is a truly riveting series that caters to not just crime genre enthusiasts, but to anyone who appreciates life and humanity. It enlightens about the significance of emergency services, showcasing the gravity of their tasks and their impact in saving lives, while leaving viewers with a heightened sense of gratitude and respect for these real-life heroes. To sum up, Call 911 from True Crime Files by ID is a unique show that not only provides an hour of gripping entertainment but also offers a more profound understanding and appreciation of emergency services, and the critical role they play in society. It's a striking depiction of the limitations and strengths of human discretion under intense pressure, shining an appreciative light on the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to ensure public safety. Immersive, educational, and utterly riveting, Call 911 is a genuinely captivating watch, an excellent addition to the stellar roster of programs from True Crime Files.

Call 911 is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 61 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

True Crime Files by ID
J.V. Martin, Adam Sapin, Kieron Elliott
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