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In the comedic mystery-thriller "Zero Effect," Bill Pullman stars as Daryl Zero, a reclusive and eccentric private detective who is considered the best in the business. Zero is hired by wealthy businessman Gregory Stark (played by Ryan O'Neal) to investigate the theft of a valuable set of keys. As Zero and his assistant Steve Arlo (played by Ben Stiller) begin their investigation, they soon discover that the case is much more complicated than it initially seemed.

Zero is a brilliant detective who is able to solve any case put in front of him, but he is also incredibly strange and has a number of odd quirks. He doesn't leave his apartment unless an emergency arises, he communicates with his clients only by fax, and he has a strict set of rules that he follows no matter what. Despite his idiosyncrasies, Zero is highly respected in the detective community for his unparalleled abilities.

As the investigation into the stolen keys heats up, Zero and Arlo discover that Stark's secretary Gloria (played by Kim Dickens) is not who she appears to be. She seems to be at the center of the case, but the detectives can't quite figure out what her role is. Every time they think they have a lead on the theft, the case becomes more complicated and confusing.

Throughout the movie, Zero and Arlo must navigate a complex web of lies and misdirection in order to solve the case. They are pursued by a group of shadowy figures who seem to be involved in the theft, and they encounter a number of obstacles along the way. The tension builds as the detectives get closer and closer to solving the case, but they also put themselves in increasing danger.

"Zero Effect" is a quirky and entertaining movie that combines elements of comedy, mystery, and thriller. Pullman's performance as Daryl Zero is unforgettable, and he brings a unique and intriguing character to life. Stiller provides excellent support as Arlo, who is initially skeptical of Zero's methods but comes to appreciate his brilliance as the case unfolds.

The movie features a strong supporting cast, including O'Neal as the enigmatic Stark, Dickens as the mysterious Gloria, and Angela Featherstone as the love interest of Arlo. The script is well-written and keeps the audience guessing until the very end, with several surprising twists and turns along the way.

One of the most interesting aspects of "Zero Effect" is the way it explores the relationship between Zero and Arlo. The two characters are very different – Zero is a genius but socially awkward, while Arlo is more outgoing but not as skilled as a detective. However, as they work together on the case, they form a bond and begin to understand and appreciate each other.

Overall, "Zero Effect" is a highly entertaining movie that combines humor, suspense, and intrigue. It's a must-see for fans of mystery movies and anyone who enjoys a good detective story.

Zero Effect is a Comedy, Crime, Drama movie released in 1998. It has a runtime of 116 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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