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Zapped is a captivating Disney Channel original movie released in 2014 that merges high school drama with sci-fi nuances in a perfect blend. The film stars Zendaya, the much-celebrated actress, singer, and fashion icon known for her roles in 'Shake It Up' and 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. She shares the screen with Spencer Boldman, who is a familiar face in the Disney show 'Lab Rats', and Chanelle Peloso from 'Incredible Crew'. The movie provides its young audience with an engaging and amusing storyline that gives an imaginative take on tech-powered reality.

At the heart of Zapped is Zoey Stevens, portrayed by Zendaya, a disciplined high school student and talented dancer, who leads a life of perfect harmony and order. She faces a lot of life-changing circumstances that include her mother's sudden remarriage, compromising her familiar social life for a completely new school, and trying to get along with her stepfather, brothers and dog—all of whom are totally out of control.

Zoey's stepfather, Ted, acted by Alex Desert, has three sons each of whom is unique: Adam, the oldest brother played by Spencer Boldman, is the charming and easy-going jock; Ben, enacted by Emilio Estevez, is a fun-loving and offbeat guy; and lastly the always messy Zach, added a twist of comedy to the plot as a character who never cleans up after himself.

In the midst of these chaotic changes in her life, Zoey stumbles upon a dog training app on her phone. Much to her shock and awe, she discovers that the app has much larger powers—it doesn't just train her unruly dog, it also seems to have effects on the men around her, making them act more civilized. With the tap of a button, Zoey is suddenly able to control their behavior, the one thing that she dearly missed in her life amidst all the overwhelming changes.

Zapped explores Zoey’s journey as she gains, uses and perhaps abuses this newfound power. With a mixture of fascination and guilt, she navigates through her family situation, new school, and budding romance. The colorful mix of the characters in the movie, including her new friend Rachel Todds (chosen as Chanelle Peloso), provides a lively backdrop to the high-school environment of the movie.

Apart from the lead performances, Zapped benefits largely from the sharp humor sprinkled throughout the script. The intense energy and warmth of the family setting have been beautifully demonstrated. The movie entertains while subtly underscoring the importance of family values, respect, love, and the understanding needed to blend a family unit. Zoey’s evolving relationship with her non-biological siblings and father figure brings forth a heartfelt message about opening up to changes and accepting new dynamics in life.

The way the movie combines the high school environment, a new blended family setting, teen romance, and a scientific edge with the smartphone app control delivers a truly entertaining watch. The comedic moments peppered throughout the narrative also maintain a decent amount of laugh-out-loud sequences.

Moreover, the dance sequences and the passion for dance shown by the character of Zoey is a treat to watch and is a plus for dance enthusiasts. Zendaya brings credibility to all her dance performances in the film due to her genuine skills as a dance artist.

All in all, Zapped is an endearing family comedy-drama that makes for an entertaining viewing for teenagers and families alike. As the story unravels, it unfurls life lessons wrapped in humor and imbued with drama, while continually keeping the audience engaged. With a mix of talented young actors, solid performances, romance, and a touch of science fiction, Zapped is a must-watch if you're in for a light-hearted, comedic take on teenage life and family dynamics.

Zapped is a TV Movie, Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0..

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