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Set in Hong Kong during the early 1980s, the action-comedy film "Winners and Sinners" tells the story of five ex-convicts who form a friendship to start a cleaning service. The group is led by Teapot (Sammo Kam-Bo Hung), who was imprisoned for accidentally killing a man during a fight. The others include Vaseline (Jackie Chan), Curly (John Sham), Exhaust Pipe (Charlie Chin), and Rookie (Cherie Chung). The movie begins with the five characters getting released from prison on the same day. They witness a jewelry store being robbed and, in typical action-comedy fashion, attempt to stop the robbers, only to be arrested by the police. While in jail, Teapot comes up with the idea to start a cleaning company called "Five Lucky Stars", which gives them an opportunity to start anew after their stint in prison. As they begin their new venture, the gang soon finds themselves embroiled in all sorts of trouble. Firstly, they discover that the place they've been hired to clean is being used as a front for a drug smuggling operation. They try to bring the culprits to justice but are met with resistance from the local gangsters. The group then seeks help from a retired cop named CID 07 (James Tin Chuen Chan) to help them take down the crime syndicate. Throughout the movie, the group of ex-convicts get into all sorts of hilarious predicaments. Vaseline, for example, gets caught in a love triangle between two girls while Curly is always the butt of the jokes. Exhaust Pipe's running gag is that he constantly has a cold and is always blowing his nose. Rookie, on the other hand, provides the eye-candy for the audience with her fierce martial arts moves. The movie's highlight is undoubtedly the action sequences, which are choreographed by Sammo Hung, who was a renowned martial arts choreographer. Jackie Chan, who has a smaller role in the film, also showcases his incredible martial arts skills during the movie's action-packed scenes. One memorable chase scene involves the gang chasing a van through the streets of Hong Kong, where they use any means necessary to catch their target. The scene features lots of stunts, jumps, and even some humor, which will leave the audience thoroughly entertained. The film's humor also comes from the group's comical mannerisms and interactions. Their chemistry is evident in the way they bounce off each other, with each character bringing something unique to the group. The film's comedic moments will leave the audience laughing out loud and rooting for the gang. Their camaraderie is infectious, and their friendship is a testament to the saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The movie's themes of friendship, redemption, and second chances are universal and reflect the overall message of the film. The group may have a colorful past, but they are determined to start anew and make something of themselves. Their positive attitude and determination, despite the odds against them, make them winners in every sense of the word. "Winners and Sinners" is a fun, action-packed film that shines because of its excellent cast, action sequences, and overall humor. The gang's camaraderie, coupled with their determination to make a better life for themselves, make this movie a must-watch.

Winners and Sinners is a Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime movie released in 1983. It has a runtime of 101 mins. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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