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My Lucky Stars from 1985 is an action-comedy movie, directed by Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, who also plays one of the lead roles in the film. The other notable actors in the film include Charlie Chin and Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, who play the roles of detectives investigating a case involving the theft of a lot of jewelry from a wealthy businessman. The plot revolves around two main storylines. The first one involves a group of five childhood friends (played by the ensemble cast) who reunite after several years when one of them, Muscles (played by Sammo Hung), needs their help to capture a dangerous criminal, Tak (played by Japanese actor, Michiko Nishiwaki). The friends, all of whom possess their unique fighting skills, agree to help their friend and team up with the police, who are also after Tak. The second storyline involves two detectives, Muscles (played by Stanley Sui-Fan Fung) and Ricky (played by Charlie Chin), who are investigating a complex case involving the theft of valuable jewels. The investigation leads them to Hong Kong, where they join forces with the group of friends and work together to solve the crime. As the two storylines come together, the film turns into a high-octane action-comedy, with plenty of martial arts action sequences, gunfights, and hilarious moments interspersed throughout. The camaraderie between the characters, especially the group of friends and the two detectives, is one of the major highlights of the film. The film features some impressive stunt work, which is not surprising given that Sammo Hung is known for his expertise in martial arts and action choreography. The fight sequences are fast-paced, with each member of the group getting ample screen time to showcase their unique set of skills. The film also features some memorable set-pieces, including a car chase through the streets of Hong Kong and a climactic battle in a deserted factory. One of the standout performances in the film is that of Japanese actress Michiko Nishiwaki, who plays the role of Tak, the main villain. Nishiwaki is a real-life martial artist and former bodybuilder, and her physical prowess is on full display in the film's fight scenes. She is a formidable opponent for the group of friends and puts up a tough fight against them throughout the film. Another highlight of the film is the humor, which is both slapstick and witty. The comedic scenes are well-timed and help to balance out the film's action-heavy sequences. The friendship between the group of childhood friends is also a major source of humor, with each character having their quirks and eccentricities. My Lucky Stars is a fun and entertaining film that showcases the talents of its ensemble cast. The film's blend of action and comedy works well, and the camaraderie between the characters is infectious. The film is a great example of the Hong Kong action-comedy genre, and it is a must-watch for fans of martial arts films.

My Lucky Stars is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 90 mins. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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