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White Boy is a thought-provoking masterpiece from 2017 that explores the gritty and thrilling journey of Richard Wershe Jr., a controversial figure in the U.S who was successfully maneuvering the drug-filled streets of Detroit since he was 14. This 82-minute real-life account, directed by Shawn Rech, unravels the chain of events that led to Wershe's wrongful imprisonment for over three decades - a consequence of his illicit activities as a drug dealer turned FBI informant.

This movie is not just another stereotypical crime-biographical drama rooted in real events of the 80s and 90s. Instead, it's a critical reflection on the United States' criminal justice system, the drug trade, and the pervasive issues of socioeconomic disparity exposed during Richard Wershe Jr.'s trial. The film manages to explore these aspects comprehensively, providing a more profound sense of the sociopolitical environment that Richard was born into, lived in, and fell victim to.

Richard Wershe Jr.'s character brings the audience face-to-face with his multi-layered persona throughout the movie. His character is as complex as it is intriguing. He's a child-turned-adult far before his time, a drug dealer who operates out of necessity, and an FBI informant risking his life for justice. While his life is tainted with crime, the movie pushes audiences to reflect upon how circumstances can often manipulate individuals into unseen avenues.

White Boy not only gives a distinct perspective into Richard's life and circumstances but also diligently examines the roles of various other characters intricately linked to Richard's controversial journey. Scott M. Burnstein, who plays an FBI agent in the movie, is a riveting portrayal of the relentless struggle for truth and justice in a world plagued by corruption and deceit. His relentless pursuit of truth, even in the face of insurmountable difficulties, adds a dimension of gravity and realism to the film that captivates audiences.

Dana Hathaway, who features as Wershe's mother, catches the audience's eye with her therein lying resilience. As a mother stuck between the love for her son and the harsh reality she cannot control, there is a vulnerability in her performance that elicits sympathy.

While the characters are rooted in reality, there are numerous dramatic elements used to enhance the film's narrative, serving the intensity it wishes to evoke. With carefully coordinated sequences and an intelligent script, the movie offers some hard-hitting moments, which makes for a remarkable viewing experience. The directorial team has also done an excellent job in using the backdrop of Detroit's weary cityscape to ground the movie's tone, which is a mix of melancholy, despair, anger, and hope.

This gripping narrative is further enhanced by the cinematographic choices of the team. The grainy texture of the visuals, along with the deliberate use of shadows and light, works strategically. It accentuates the mood and tone of the narrative, making the overall production all the more gripping.

The sound design and music of White Boy also warrant recognition. The score complements the unfolding drama on the screen and helps in setting the desired emotional tone. There is a striking variety of background scores, each carefully chosen to aid the narrative and convey the appropriate emotion.

Overall, White Boy is a movie that makes you rethink your understanding of the underworld, justice, and survival. It’s a poignant recount of a real-life tale skilfully narrated and phenomenally performed. It’s a movie that captivates you from the start and leaves you reflecting on the judicial system, the impacts of sociopolitical disparities, and the toll it takes on human lives.

In conclusion, White Boy serves as a riveting tale of truth, injustice, resilience, and survival. It urges audiences to question the systems in place while giving them a glance into the life of one of United States’ most controversial figures, Richard Wershe Jr. It’s a story of a young boy drawn into a world of crime, only to find himself trapped within it, discarded by the very system that used him. Whether you're a fan of true crime or biographical genre, or even a casual viewer, White Boy is sure to leave you contemplating and invested.

White Boy is a Documentary movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 82 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1..

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