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"Violent Night" is a film that presents a darkly comedic and action-packed twist on holiday movie tropes, blending the spirit of Christmas with high-octane thrills in an unexpected and entertaining way. Released in 2022, this unique take on the festive genre is directed by Tommy Wirkola and boasts an exciting ensemble cast with David Harbour, John Leguizamo, and Beverly D'Angelo in leading roles. The film centers around the character of Santa Claus, played with gritty charm by David Harbour, who is not your typical cookie-loving, jovial old man. This Santa is weary and disillusioned, feeling the weight of an ever-increasingly materialistic world taking its toll on him and the true spirit of Christmas. Harbour’s portrayal brings depth to a character that's usually seen as one-dimensional, infusing him with a mix of toughness and a heart of gold. The story unfolds on Christmas Eve, an occasion that should be filled with joy and family togetherness, but instead, it becomes the backdrop for a high-stakes confrontation. The festive night takes a drastic turn when a group of well-armed and sophisticated mercenaries, led by the cunning and ruthless character played by John Leguizamo, invades an affluent compound. The compound belongs to a wealthy, yet dysfunctional family, the Lightstones, featuring Beverly D'Angelo as the matriarch. The Lightstones have their share of secrets and internal strife, which add layers of intrigue to the unfolding scenario. As the invaders take the family hostage with the objective of robbing them of their considerable fortune, the one person everyone overlooks is Santa Claus himself. Santa happens to be on the grounds, and in this dire situation, he is about to demonstrate that he has more skills than simply managing a sleigh and delivering presents. Harbour's Santa is a force to be reckoned with, offering a gruff, but oddly affectionate hero who is as adept at handling a sledgehammer as he is at managing his reindeers. Placed in this unexpected role of savior, the film skillfully maneuvers through Santa's transformation from a festive figurehead into an action hero. The movie's title, "Violent Night," is a nod to the juxtaposition that drives the film—a traditional time of peace that erupts into chaos and violence. It blends dark humor with dynamic set pieces, creating a tone that is at times irreverent but always captivating. Aesthetically, "Violent Night" sets out to achieve a balance between the cheerful twinkling lights of Christmas and the dark grit of an action thriller. The cinematography capitalizes on the contrast between the warmth of the holiday setting and the cold, brutal reality of the mercenary onslaught. With a skilled use of atmosphere, the film creates tension with adept timing, providing moments of respite with dashes of holiday cheer that are quickly undercut by the next explosive encounter. Each actor brings their skill to the table, fleshing out an array of characters both endearing and despicable. John Leguizamo’s villain is as calculating and menacing as he is unexpectedly humorous at times, delivering lines that puncture the tension with well-timed dark comedy. Meanwhile, Beverly D'Angelo provides an interesting portrayal of a matriarch whose steely exterior and cynical mindset paint a picture of someone shaped by wealth and power struggles. Despite the film’s violent spectacle and sharp humor, it doesn’t forget the heart of Christmas. Through the madness, there are underlying themes of redemption, family bonds, and the rekindling of the holiday spirit. As Santa confronts the hostiles, his journey is peppered with moments of introspection and candid interactions with various members of the Lightstone family, who each cope with the siege in their own ways. One of the joys of "Violent Night" beyond its visceral thrills is how it plays with the audience's expectations of a Christmas movie, thereby breaking the mold and creating something entirely original. This is not your typical feel-good holiday feature; it’s an alternative festive movie that dares to mix genres in ways that few other films in the Christmas canon have done before. With its inventive storyline, appealing mix of humor and action, and fresh approach to an iconic character, "Violent Night" is a holiday film that offers an irreverent and thrilling viewing experience. It's a movie that boldly declares not every Christmas story has to be wrapped up with a tidy bow; some can be sprinkled with a bit of gunpowder and still deliver a powerful message about the resilience of the Christmas spirit in the face of cynicism and violence.

Violent Night is a Action, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Fantasy movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 112 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 55.

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