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Unfreedom, released in 2014 is a gritty and thought-provoking drama starring esteemed Indian actors Victor Banerjee, Adil Hussain, and Bhanu Uday. The movie is directed by Raj Amit Kumar, who brings to life the harsh contrast between religion, sexuality, contemporary society, and violence in an enthralling storyline. Set in two disparate worlds, New York and New Delhi, the film takes viewers on a vivid journey highlighting the harsh realities of society's lack of acceptance and freedom in two significantly different yet interconnected narratives.

The first narrative begins in New Delhi with the central character, Leela Singh, portrayed by Preeti Gupta, a young woman ensnared in the throes of society's imposed norms, trapped in an impending arranged marriage. Her world becomes even more complicated when she falls in love with a fellow woman, Sakhi, portrayed by Bhavani Lee. This love story unfolds in an environment where homosexuality is viewed as immoral and illegal. Sakhi and Leela’s struggle to maintain their illicit love affair forms the central theme of this narrative tragically entwined in a string of violence, societal judgement, and imposed moral values.

Interleaving with Leela and Sakhi's tale is the second narrative set in New York featuring Husain, a young muslim struggling with his ideological beliefs. Adil Hussain, best known for his roles in Life of Pi and English Vinglish, brings life to the character of Husain, a terrorist who kidnaps an liberal Muslim scholar Fareed, portrayed by Victor Banerjee. This part of Unfreedom explores the busied streets of New York, sharply contrasting with the setting of the first narrative. The duality of religion is seamlessly woven through this narrative as Husain resists Fareed's moderate teachings and his own questioning of Islam.

Throughout the narrative, Unfreedom explores the intricate connection between the tales of these women in New Delhi and the men in New York. The plot delves profoundly into the themes of identity, freedom, love, and violence. It also insightfully deals with homophobia and Islamic fundamentalism. The movie forces viewers to confront their own prejudices and fear of the unfamiliar, leading them towards self-introspection of deeply ingrained societal norms.

Bhanu Uday meticulously portrays the role of a violent jihadist, giving viewers a deeply disturbed and impactful performance. Victor Banerjee as Fareed infuses reason, grace, and dignity in his role, providing a ray of enlightenment in a mostly grim narrative. Preeti Gupta and Bhavani Lee’s portrayal of two women in love battling societal pressures in India is heart-wrenching and captivating.

Under the skillful direction of Raj Amit Kumar, Unfreedom achieves a distinctive place in contemporary cinema. He paints an evocative canvas of color, emotion, and human struggle accentuating the stark differences between New York and New Delhi, yet intelligently bridging them in a common context of lack of freedom, identity crisis, love, and violence.

Aided by an incredibly talented cast, the movie daringly challenges the stereotypes around homosexuality and religious extremism. Unfreedom's profound exploration of these controversial themes without shying away from their stark realities is a testament to the courage of the filmmakers and reflects their commitment to bring about social change.

Beautifully shot and featuring a powerful acting ensemble, Unfreedom provides an insightful commentary on oppression in society. This movie, albeit intensely disconcerting at times, is absorbing and captivatingly real, shedding light on the unfathomable lengths love can reach, and the tragic depths hate can sink.

In conclusion, Unfreedom is a film that leaves a lasting imprint on viewers, leaving them with much to ponder regarding the topics of love, religion, societal norms, and freedom. It is a must-watch for those seeking a compelling narrative that is not afraid to delve into the challenging aspects of human nature and society’s imposed barriers.

Unfreedom is a Romance, Crime, Drama movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 103 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 24.

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Raj Amit Kumar
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