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'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a heartwarming Christmas comedy film that was released in 2021. It stars Jeremy Morris as Josh Thompson, a lawyer living in the small town of North Pole, Alaska who finds himself in a legal battle with his neighbor Mr. Kringle (played by veteran actor James Cosmo) right before Christmas. The story begins with Josh as a young boy living next door to the mysterious Mr. Kringle. Though Mr. Kringle claims he is simply spreading Christmas cheer, the town thinks he is crazy as he obsessively decorates his home and yard with bright lights, large candy canes, and animatronic reindeer. Years later, Josh becomes a lawyer and returns to North Pole where Mr. Kringle is as festive as ever with his elaborate Christmas decorations. However, the neighborhood homeowners association informs Mr. Kringle that his decorations violate local ordinances and he needs to take them down immediately. Not wanting to dampen the Christmas spirit, Josh hesitantly takes Mr. Kringle's case pro bono to fight the homeowners association in court over the fate of the decorations. As Josh builds his defense, he comes to appreciate Mr. Kringle's dedication to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. However, the homeowners association president Mrs. Claus (played by Mckenna Grace) won't back down easily in her quest to keep the neighborhood decor tasteful and subdued. As both sides argue their points in court, the judge ultimately rules that Mr. Kringle's decorations can stay up through Christmas day but must come down by New Year's. Though it's a bittersweet compromise, Mr. Kringle and the town come together to enjoy one last beautiful holiday season beneath the glittering lights and candy canes. The experience reminds Josh what Christmas is really all about - family, community, and cherishing the magic of the season. With plenty of holiday cheer along with lighthearted comedy about small town politics and rival neighbors, 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is the perfect film to get viewers into the Christmas spirit. Jeremy Morris gives a charming performance as Josh, providing plenty of laughs as the stressed out lawyer who rediscovers his own holiday joy. And James Cosmo is simply wonderful as the eccentric but good-hearted Mr. Kringle. With beautiful winter scenery and a heartwarming story, 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a new Christmas classic for viewers of all ages.

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a Documentary movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 91 mins. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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