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Tupac: Resurrection is a biographical documentary that delves into the life of one of the greatest rappers of all time - Tupac Shakur. The movie, released in 2003, is directed by Lauren Lazin and narrated by Tupac himself.

The movie follows the life of Tupac from his childhood in Harlem to his rise as a rapper in Oakland, California. It examines his personal struggles and the social and cultural issues that he faced as a young black artist living in America. Tupac's voice-over narration provides an intimate insight into his personal life, his struggles, and his aspirations.

The movie covers the important events in Tupac's life, including his early years, his time at the Baltimore School of Arts, his move to Oakland, his association with the Digital Underground, his breakthrough with the album "2Pacalypse Now", and his rise to fame.

The documentary explores Tupac's complex personality, his artistic genius, and the contradictions that marked his life. It covers his ongoing battles with the law, his feud with rapper Notorious B.I.G., and his association with the notorious East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry.

The movie is a tribute to Tupac's music, and features some of his most iconic songs, including "Dear Mama", "Changes", and "Hit Em Up". The soundtrack is an eclectic mix of Tupac's music, including live recordings, studio sessions, and unreleased tracks.

The movie features interviews with Tupac's friends, family, mentors, and collaborators, as well as archival footage and images. Among those interviewed are his mother, Afeni Shakur, collaborator Shock G, rapper Rappin' 4-Tay, and actor Conrad Bain. Tupac's friends and collaborators provide insights into his music, his personality, and his untimely death.

The documentary is not just a biography of Tupac Shakur, but also a commentary on the state of hip-hop culture in the 1990s. It discusses issues of race, violence, and the impact of hip-hop on American society. The movie offers a nuanced perspective on Tupac's life and legacy, and is a must-watch for fans of the rapper and hip-hop enthusiasts.

Overall, Tupac: Resurrection is a powerful documentary that does justice to the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur. It offers a moving insight into the life of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, and is an important contribution to hip-hop culture.

Tupac: Resurrection is a Music, Documentary movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of 112 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 66.

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