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True Things is a riveting British drama film released in 2021 that perfectly encapsulates the nuances of obsession, love, and longing. This superbly-executed feature, directed by Harry Wootliff, captures the viewer's attention with a blend of intense emotions and uncomfortable reality checks. It showcases powerful performances from its stellar cast that includes Ruth Wilson, Tom Burke, and Hayley Squires.

The film unveils the life of Kate, a young woman living a seemingly monotonous life in a British coastal town. Portrayed by the astonishingly versatile Ruth Wilson, Kate is an employee handling benefit claims at a local job center. She spends her days within the four walls of her office, dealing with citizens of various backgrounds, often seen struggling with mounting frustrations. On the outside, Kate seems to be a regular woman leading an ordinary life. However, she is yearning for a break, a slice of excitement.

It is during one of these unexceptional days at the job center that she encounters a charismatic stranger, beautifully embodied by Tom Burke - known for his convoluted yet gripping characters. This man is unemployed and lives off benefits, a stark contrast to Kate's systematic lifestyle. However, it's his unpredictability, unleashed lifestyle, and untamed spirit that spark a sense of freedom and life in Kate. His devil-may-care persona captivates Kate, drawing her into his world of thrill and spontaneity.

What starts as a short-lived thrill for Kate, gradually evolves into a dark obsession. This unexpected romantic liaison shakes her daily life, throwing it off-balance, and leads her down a pathway of self-destruction. Unknowingly, she falls into a pit of manipulation and deceit, in pursuit of a love that bears a questionable authenticity.

This riveting narrative is magnified by the brilliant acting prowess of Ruth Wilson who impeccably portrays the harsh truths about an individual's struggle with loneliness, inadequacy, and an overwhelming desire for excitement that escapes the daily grind. Ruth seamlessly transitions from her life of practicality to a dangerous web of desire and obsession, bringing out an unforgettable performance.

Tom Burke perfectly complements Ruth Wilson with his charismatic appearance and enigmatic aura. His expert portrayal of a mysteriously thrilling but manipulative character adds depth to the storyline, making the viewers question the fine line between love and destruction. This exquisite portrayal is sure to leave the audience astounded as they delve into the complex emotions of his character.

The film is also packed with strong performances from the supporting cast. Hayley Squires, who portrays a significant role, adds another layer of complexity to the plot with an impressive performance.

Attuned to the extraordinary storyline and impressive cast is the remarkable direction by Harry Wootliff. He presents a genuine and raw depiction of modern-day relationships with subtle sensibilities. Wootliff vividly paints a picture of contrasting lives and emotions - Kate's restrained lifestyle against the reckless lifestyle of her love interest. This stark contrast propels the dramatic energy of the film.

Moreover, the distinctive cinematography by Nick Cooke deserves special mention. His vivid shots and hues subtly accentuate the melancholic life of our protagonist and her surroundings. He impeccably captures the essence of the coastal town, seamlessly blending it with the emotive currents running through the film. The echo of waves in the background becomes a powerful metaphorical representation of Kate's turbulent emotional journey.

The film further benefits from a poignant score by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch that resonates with the raw and intense emotions that the characters experience throughout the movie. Additionally, the editing seamlessly blends together the contrasting worlds of the characters, maintaining an actively engaging flow throughout the movie.

True Things takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions, rooting them deeply into its captivating narrative - a testament to brilliant storytelling. The film explores the human psyche’s depths, making viewers question the fine line between happiness and self-destruction. It's a thought-provoking and compelling watch, making it a crucial addition to contemporary drama cinema. The movie presents a circuitous journey of love, passion, and obsession, proving that True Things, indeed, are nakedly raw, wild, and often unsettling.

True Things is a Drama, Romance movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 102 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 68.

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Harry Wootliff
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