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Till Death Us Do Part, a British comedy-drama film released in 1968, is a cinematic continuation of the popular and controversial BBC television comedy series of the same title. The film was helmed by celebrated director Norman Cohen and starred Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols, Anthony Booth, and Una Stubbs in the central roles.

The film brings to life the ongoing, contentious, and humorous routine of the Garnett family, who reside in London's working-class East End. The story primarily revolves around the patriarch, Alfred Garnett, a role flawlessly executed by Warren Mitchell, a character known for his obstinate and outspoken nature, vehemently asserting his opinions on politics, world events, and domestic affairs, despite his lack of formal education.

Alfred's wife, Else, played by Dandy Nichols, tolerates her husband's tumultuous temperament with a calculated calm, often leaving him nonplussed with her retorts and rejoinders. Their stormy exchange of words and views provides the basis for much of the levity in the storyline.

Anthony Booth reprised his role as Mike, the socially progressive son-in-law who often finds himself at odds with Alfred's backwards ideas, serving a perfect counterpoint to the patriarch's prejudiced beliefs. Mike's marital life with the Garnett's daughter, Rita (Una Stubbs), brings further complexity into the family dynamics, portraying the challenges of a young relationship in the midst of conflicting worldviews.

The narrative, set in the backdrop of the 1930s to 1960s Britain, provides a vivid commentary on the socio-political milieu of the time, bringing in topical narratives of the World War II, women's rights, racial integration, and the contentious yet transformative working-class culture. It paints a comprehensive picture of Britain during these decades while using comedy as a mode to question, critique, and laugh at deeply ingrained societal norms and prejudices.

As the title suggests, "Till Death Us Do Part" explores the bonds of matrimony, familial relationships, generational gaps, and ideological differences in a thought-provoking manner, underlining the enduring nature of love and commitment against a backdrop of personal and societal conflict. This aspect of the story is a testament to the superb writing of Johnny Speight, the original creator of the television series upon which the film is based.

The film's strength lies not just in its captivating narrative and well-crafted comedic elements, but also its principal cast. Mitchell's exceptional performance as the loud, brash, and opinionated Alfred is the driving force behind the film's success. His ability to evoke laughter even in the tensest situations is commendable. Nichols as Else shines through with her dry wit and stern mettle, while Booth's portrayal of the forward-thinking Mike adds depth and perspective in contrast to the flawed ideologies of his father-in-law. Stubbs graces her role as the dutiful yet independent daughter and resilient wife with ease.

Equally noteworthy is the film's cinematography, which impeccably captures the look and feel of the various time periods and events throughout the movie, which are further complemented by a memorable score that underscores the narrative's various emotional tones.

While "Till Death Us Do Part" is primarily a comedy that keeps viewers chuckling throughout its run, it's also a thoughtful social commentary that prompts viewers to confront prejudices and question long-held societal norms. It's a unique blend of humor, drama, and social critique that has aged well, remaining relevant even in contemporary discourse.

Till Death Us Do Part is a Drama, Comedy movie released in 1969. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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