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Three For Bedroom C is a unique blend of comedy, drama, and romance. It was released in 1952 by director Richard Whorf, featuring exceptional performances by acclaimed actress Gloria Swanson, James Warren, and Fred Clark. This classic film artfully captures the nuances of a post-war suburban life, with persistent humor and engaging narratives that keep audiences wanting more.

The story revolves around Anne Haven (Gloria Swanson), a mesmerizing, well-established Hollywood actress trying to keep her popularity intact within the shifting sands of the entertainment industry. Anne is depicted as a determined, strong-willed woman who is also a single mother, caring for her precocious and adorable daughter, Patty (Shari Robinson).

When Anne finds out about a movie role being filmed in New York that could enhance her dwindling career, she boards a train with Patty hoping to land the part. But, there's a twist: The train is fully booked, and they are unable to secure a private compartment, so they are left with no option but to share Bedroom C with the ruggedly charming yet initially reluctant Michael Connolly (James Warren).

Here the movie transits from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood to the intimate confines of a moving train. The train journey, filled with interesting characters, forms the crux of the movie. The narrative plays out with a charming mix of dramatic confrontations, humorous situations, endearing moments, and romantic tension detailed in the confined space.

Michael is a research scientist, a man of rationale, and he is quite a contrast to the Hollywood glam that Anne represents. The difference in their worlds is skillfully depicted, and it's this clash of personalities and worlds, as well as their shared space that creates a great deal of humor, conflict, and heartwarming moments. Fred Clark, as Campbell Snowden, also adds to the story's comic relief with his exceptional acting, playing a Hollywood agent who is more concerned about his actors' public image than their real-life issues.

Gloria Swanson, best remembered for her role in Sunset Boulevard, delivers a stirring performance as Anne Haven. She effortlessly straddles between her character’s public persona and private struggles, delivering a wide range of emotions. Swanson's performance adds depth to her character and enhances her interactions with the others. James Warren, on the other hand, portrays Michael's character with flair, bringing out his character’s wit, levelheadedness, and underlying gentleness.

On the narrative level, Three For Bedroom C is brilliantly layered and doesn't resort to over-dramatization. The dialogues are witty and full of golden-era Hollywood sassiness and charm, setting the stage for several memorable moments. The movie also gives a subtle commentary on the reality of fame and how it contrasts with normal life.

Loaded with a bunch of colorful supporting characters, the train journey provides the perfect backdrop for comic as well as dramatic situations. No character seems out of place; each brings something unique to the table, be it humor, eccentricity, or feel-good nostalgia.

Adding to the film's charm is its technical brilliance. Over the period, this film stands out with its outstanding screenplay, the cinematography captures the vintage aura of the ‘50s, and the set designs are tastefully done. The soundtrack of the movie is wisely chosen and complements the various scenes beautifully, making them more immersive and engaging to the viewer.

Three For Bedroom C is a delightful medley of comedy, drama with a touch of romance, served on a train ride. It blends elements of wit, humor, and touching moments, keeping audiences hooked and entertained throughout. For anyone with a taste for classic Hollywood flicks, it provides an engaging peek into the glamour and struggles of a star's life, backed by strong performances and an engaging narrative. You might want to get on board for this joyride, along with Anne, Patty and Michael.

Three For Bedroom C is a Comedy movie released in 1952. It has a runtime of 74 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

Milton H. Bren
Gloria Swanson, James Warren
Also starring James Warren
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