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The Silence is a 2019 horror movie starring Stanley Tucci, Kiernan Shipka, and Miranda Otto. The movie is directed by John R. Leonetti and written by Carey Van Dyke and Shane Van Dyke.

The plot of the movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where monstrous creatures have taken over the earth. These creatures are blind but have a keen sense of hearing and immediately attack any sound that they hear. The movie follows the story of a family, the Andrews, who have survived this apocalypse by adapting to a life of silence to avoid attracting these monsters.

The head of the Andrews family is Hugh, played by Stanley Tucci. He is a retired priest who takes his family to a remote cabin to escape the chaos of the city. His wife, Kelly, is played by Miranda Otto, and their daughter, Ally, is played by Kiernan Shipka. Hugh's granddaughter, who is also deaf, is also with them.

The movie starts by showing how the family has adapted to living in a world of silence. They communicate through sign language and are extremely cautious about making any noise. The first few minutes of the movie introduce the creatures, which are shown as reptilian-like creatures with sharp teeth and no eyes.

The movie takes a sinister turn when the family's daughter, Ally, discovers a group of survivors who have been attacked by the creatures. The survivors are all killed except for a young boy, who joins the Andrews family on their journey back to their cabin. However, the boy is inexperienced and unknowingly makes noises that eventually attract the creatures to their location. This puts the entire family in grave danger, and they are forced to flee their cabin and venture out into the dangerous world.

The Silence has several intense scenes that keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. The movie employs the use of silence to create a sense of tension and impending doom throughout. The creatures are terrifying, and the fact that they rely solely on sound makes them even more menacing. The movie also explores themes like survival, sacrifice, and familial love.

The acting in the movie is commendable, especially by Stanley Tucci and Kiernan Shipka. Tucci's portrayal of a protective father and grandfather is convincing, and Shipka's portrayal of a young girl trying to navigate a world of danger and fear is impressive. Miranda Otto's role is limited, but she does a good job of conveying the mother's love for her family.

The cinematography in The Silence is also worth noting. The movie has a desolate and eerie atmosphere that is captured beautifully by John R. Leonetti's direction. The use of light and darkness is also commendable, with the movie using darkness to accentuate the danger that the family is constantly in.

Overall, The Silence is a well-executed horror movie with a unique premise. It has a strong script, well-defined characters, and excellent cinematography. The movie is not perfect, as some scenes feel a bit contrived, and the ending is a bit predictable. However, it is an enjoyable ride and is definitely worth a watch for fans of the genre.

The Silence is a Horror, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 90 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 25.

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Where can I stream The Silence movie online? The Silence is available to watch and stream at Netflix.

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