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The Revolt of Mother from 1988 is an American-British television drama film that falls under the genre of period drama. Directed by Victor Lobl, the film is based on the short story of the same name by American author Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman. The film stars Amy Madigan, Jay O. Sanders, Katherine Hiler, and Benjamin Bernouy.

Set in the latter part of the 19th century, the story is centered around a strong-willed and determined woman named Sarah Penn, played by Amy Madigan. Hailing from New England, Sarah faces challenging situations as a wife and a mother in a time when women's rights were not much recognized, and when people in her society were mainly staunch believers in traditional gender roles. Sarah Penn's character is very close to the epitome of a woman who is strong with old-fashioned grit, incredible resilience, and a deeply ingrained belief that fairness and justice should not be dominated by gender.

Jay O. Sanders plays Adoniram Penn, Sarah's husband and a hardworking, earnest farmer with a firm belief in the gender boundaries that prevailed during their period. Adoniram is a man of few words who often finds it difficult to express his feelings, often creating emotional distances with his family. Sanders brilliantly essays the role of a patriarch, giving viewers a perfect understanding of his character's complex personality.

Katherine Hiler plays Nanny Penn, the dutiful and loving daughter who, like her mother, realizes that gender roles should not diminish one's individual identity. Then, we have Benjamin Bernouy, whose character adds the necessary dynamism to the narrative.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Revolt of Mother is its period setting. The film transports its viewers into the 19th-century agrarian landscape of New England. The cinematography beautifully captures the serene yet dynamic landscapes of the countryside, giving viewers a poetic assessment of the area’s beauty, thus making it one of the film's major strengths.

The storytelling style of The Revolt of Mother is not only slow-burning but also profoundly powerful. The narrative dives deeply into the prosaic, day-to-day realities of the Penn family, drawing the viewer into their world and making them gradually invest in their lives. The fervent dialogues, layered characterizations, authentic sets, and costumes meticulously hail from the era in focus, lending acute authenticity to the film.

In an underlying tone, the screenplay underscores numerous instances of gender inequalities of the times. Yet with its nuanced storytelling, the film offers a perspective on how Sarah defies her predefined roles, gradually challenging the patriarchal norms of her family and society.

Amy Madigan delivers a daringly passionate performance as Sarah Penn. The sheer range and depth of her character are beautifully captured through her standout performance. Exuding a quiet, yet compelling strength, Madigan crafts a female protagonist who is impossible to overlook—her grit, determination, and sense of justice shed ample light on her character's headstrong yet empathetic personality.

Jay O. Sanders, too, is outstanding, embodying the character of Adoniram Penn with utter conviction. His portrayal of the reticent patriarch is marked acutely by those rare moments when his emotional guard is let down unintentionally.

Despite the film being a historical period drama, its themes resonate even in contemporary times, making The Revolt of Mother a film of enduring relevance. Gender equality, the role of women in society, and the strength of a woman's spirit are themes deeply ingrained in the film’s narrative. It is interesting to note how Sarah, against all odds, dares to challenge her patriarchal status quo and strives to achieve what she rightfully deserves.

In conclusion, The Revolt of Mother is a beautifully crafted period drama that packs powerful performances, especially from its lead players. With its detailed yet engaging narrative, the film manages to serve as an intense family drama, gifting its viewers with a remarkable cinematic experience. The film succeeds in its intentions to explore socially relevant themes, thus making it a compelling watch indeed—a cinematic story flawlessly wrapped up in a rich historic setting.

The Revolt of Mother is a Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 46. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.4..

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