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The Outcasts is a 2017 American teen comedy-drama film directed by Peter Hutchings. It stars a range of popular personalities such as Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, and Ashley Rickards along with other talented artists including Avan Jogia, Claudia Lee, Peyton List, Katie Chang, and William Peltz. The movie blends the elements of high school drama, comedy, and coming-of-age themes to portray the classic battle of underdogs versus popular kids narrative in new, refreshing light.

The film portrays its central character, Victoria Justice as Jodi, an intelligent High-School senior, blessed with a sharp mind and a polished persona. As an academic over-achiever and friend to fellow intellectual companions, she finds herself distant from the high school's 'in-crowd.' Science genius, Mindy portrayed by Eden Sher is Jodi's best friend, another outsider in the high school's popular ecosystem. They are usually at the hideous end of pranks, jokes, and mean behavior orchestrated by the popular clique led by the alpha-girl, and the movie’s primary antagonist, Whitney (played by Claudia Lee).

In the wake of a particularly embarrassing incident, Jodi and Mindy, decide they've had enough. No longer willing to tolerate the reign of the popular clique, they decide to abolish the popular versus geek stereotype and bring every outcast in the school together to overthrow Whitney's cruel reign. Capsizing the high school's social order forms the very crux of this movie. Victoria Justice's on-screen chemistry with Eden Sher makes the evolving friendship between Jodi and Mindy a pleasure to watch, their collective social awkwardness framing a moments of relatability and hilarity that anchor the film.

Ashley Rickards of 'Awkward' fame is cast in a role that beautifully contradicts her previous work. She plays Virginia, a peculiar outcast with her own unique quirks. Each character in The Outcasts brings to life a different type of outsider found in high school, making the movie both diverse and inclusive. This intensity of character diversity within the film showcases the different shades of teenage life, making the audience connect on a fundamental level.

The Outcasts' strength lies in its beautiful execution of simplicity. It strikes chords with the reality of high conventional stereotypes, teenage struggles, friendships, and the fear of social acceptance. The twist, however, lies in its emphasis on individuality, the strength of togetherness, and the power of standing up against oppression. The film deftly highlights how it feels to be constantly pushed to the margins of popularity, pushing characters and audience alike to contemplate how social structures in high school work, nudging them to challenge the norms.

The plot easily engages audiences with a stream of ever-evolving circumstances as the outcasts rally together to dismantle the conventional popularity hierarchy in their school. They use an ingenious variety of tricks, pranks and cleverly structured plans to earn the respect they deserve.

Director Peter Hutchings has done a commendable job of situating the comedy within relatable life scenarios. High school dynamics, after all, isn't always an easy subject matter to tackle tastefully without succumbing to clichés. The humorous scenes associate perfectly with the character arcs, while the infusion of subtle drama prevents the movie from turning into a frivolous comedy.

As viewers progress through the story, they witness a range of emotions from the protagonists – the struggle, the self-doubt, the camaraderie, and the determination for change. It is this emotional journey of the characters that form the heart of the film. The Outcasts is more than just a high school drama; it's a celebration of friendship and the spirit of standing up for what's right.

The Outcasts does a brilliant job of arousing nostalgia about our own high school days where we’ve all had to deal with social anxieties, acceptance issues, or clichéd popularity contests. We’ve all been Jodi, Mindy, or Whitney at some stage during our school years. So, if you’re in for a hearty laugh packed with precious lessons about life, high school, and survival against all odds, The Outcasts may be the perfect pick for you.

The Outcasts is a Comedy movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 47.

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