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Set in the 1980s, The More You Ignore Me is a British comedy-drama film that offers a warm, yet brutally honest, exploration of mental health, family dynamics, and the complexities of life. Directed by Keith English and based on the award-winning novel by comedian Jo Brand, the film boasts a stellar cast that features the talents of Mark Addy, Sheridan Smith, and Sally Phillips. Rich in character and infused with a distinct sense of time and place, the movie doesn't shy away from portraying the raw effects of mental illness while maintaining a delicate balance of humour and heart.

The More You Ignore Me focuses on Alice, a young girl played by Ella Hunt, who is growing up in a rural English town. Alice's mother, Gina (Sheridan Smith), is struggling with severe mental health issues, diagnosed as schizophrenia. Mark Addy plays the local van driver, Morris, and Sally Phillips, a caring, yet somewhat inadequate health visitor who tries to bring some sort of order to the chaotic household.

Gina’s condition tests the strength and resilience of the family on a daily basis. Her erratic behaviour, in contrast with the humorous, sometimes bleak commentaries of Alice, who's trying to comprehend her mother's madness and the effect it has on their family, offers a touching illustration of a family striving to overcome adversity. When Gina's moods are up, the world for Alice is a bright and wonderful place, but when they're down, the world can become a confusing playground.

One of the most prominent elements of the film is the nuanced portrayal of these complicated characters which wonderfully represents the complexities of life. This is greatly amplified by the period detail: the soundtrack is strewn with hits of the eighties, and the costumes and settings are vivid and distinct, and very era-specific. The narrative thread of the film is also enhanced by a somewhat unexpected obsession that Alice develops with a singer from the popular band The Smiths, Morrissey, which plays a key role in Alice's adolescent life and her personal journey.

Mark Addy's journeyman character, Morris, is armed with his van and an endless supply of hope, becoming a symbol of understated courage and surprising wisdom throughout. Sheridan Smith brings empathy and energy to the undeniably challenging role of Gina, capturing the highs and lows of the character's emotional journey impeccably. Alice's quiet yearning for an escape, some semblance of normality, and perhaps a first taste of love are well-realized by the talented Ella Hunt. Even the supporting roles, like the kindly health worker Marion, played by Sally Phillips, are carefully crafted and bring their own flavour to this slice of life tale.

The More You Ignore Me is more than just a heart-rendering family drama or a quirky coming-of-age tale. It is a brave and heartfelt look at the delicate balance of love and pain, normality and chaos, and the enduring spirit of an everyday family.

The film doesn't evade the serious reality of mental illness yet neither does it overlook the moments of humour and absurdity that occur within the same. It's a narrative about ultimately learning to cope, and perhaps even thrive, amidst the disorder and unpredictability of life, demonstrating that families and individuals can persist through even the most challenging of circumstances.

In conclusion, The More You Ignore Me delivers a poignant, funny, and deeply human exploration of family, love, and mental health. It is a celebration of the human spirit and the weird and wonderful complexities of life, bolstered by powerful performances, sharp writing, and apt period detail. It serves as an affecting and fascinating portrayal of life's complexities, presenting a story that is both universal and intimate, packing a distinct emotional punch. The film is an enthralling narrative that will surely resonate with audiences, offering both laughter and tears in its honest portrayal of one unconventional family.

The More You Ignore Me is a Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 5640. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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