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The Long Good Friday, released in 1980, features an electrifying performance from Bob Hoskins with outstanding support from Helen Mirren and Paul Freeman. It reflected a period of social and economic change in Britain and showcased the regeneration of the London Docklands, which served as a symbol of the era's transformation.

Hoskins stars as Harold Shand, a rising star in the London underworld with a vision of establishing his empire in the legitimate business sector through ambitious real estate development involving the American mafia. The storyline is woven tightly into the socio-political fabric of the era, integrating real-world elements like the rising threat of the IRA.

On the day of his major business deal with the Americans on a Good Friday, Shand's world unexpectedly unravels as a series of brutal, seemingly unprovoked attacks demolish his empire piece by piece. These incidents threaten not only his legitimacy but his life and those around him.

Helen Mirren gives a captivating performance as Victoria, Shand's sophisticated and equally ambitious partner. She is the calm yet determined force behind Shand and is an equally central character to the plot. Her character cuts through the typically male-dominated underworld, not as an object but as an equal player in the game.

Paul Freeman is a standout supporting actor, enigmatically portraying Colin, an old friend but current rival of Shand’s, whose involvement in the chaos is brought under suspicion. The talented supporting cast also includes the likes of Derek Thompson, Bryan Marshall and Eddie Constantine, each contributing to the dense, fascinating tapestry of the underground world portrayed in the movie.

Director John Mackenzie uses the gritty streets of London and the revitalized docklands to full effect, creating a backdrop that reflects the evolving social, political and economic landscape of 1980s Britain. There is a certain raw, visceral energy underpinning the film, mirroring the volatility of the time. The sense and experience of the era are sharply captured and brilliantly contrasted within the luxurious world of organized crime, offering an engaging picture of a London in transition.

The cinematography by Phil Meheux deserves particular mention. His imagery perfectly captures the grime and glamor of London, shifting appropriately according to the setting. Shots of the river Thames, elevated views of the evolving cityscape, and the dockyards under construction lend additional weight to the film, grounding it firmly within its temporal and spatial context.

The Long Good Friday is commendable also for its tight screenplay by Barrie Keeffe. The dialogues are punchy, Shand's invective-filled speeches memorable, and the narrative taut, maintaining a suspenseful atmosphere throughout. Plot twists hold the audience captive, reflecting a gritty realism that refuses to sugarcoat the chaos and ruthlessness of the criminal world.

In addition to the strong writing, it's the performances that cement the film's memorable status. Bob Hoskins stands out with an intense portrayal of a self-made man, both tyrannical and vulnerable. His expressions display a range from explosive rage to anxious bewilderment as his world crumbles. Helen Mirren matches Hoskins stride-for-stride, injecting elegance, intelligence, and an independent spirit into her portrayal of Victoria.

The Long Good Friday is not just a mob thriller; it is also a vivid portrayal of an era marked by socio-political turmoil and transformation. It paints a changing London in broad, ambitious strokes, contextualizing the rise of an empire-to-be in the British underworld. It is consistently suspenseful, gritty, and realistic, making it a significant contribution to the genre of British gangster cinema.

The Long Good Friday is a Crime, Thriller, Drama movie released in 1980. It has a runtime of 114 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 82.

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