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The January Man is a 1989 crime-thriller mystery film from director Pat O'Connor, brought to life by an all-star cast featuring Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. The investigative mystery of the film is settled in the cold, wintry backdrop of New York City, adding an atmospheric tension to the tone of the narrative.

Kevin Kline gives a compelling performance as Nick Starkey, a disgraced former detective who has been kicked off the force amid scandal and controversy. Estranged from his job and shunned by many of his old comrades, Starkey finds purpose in life once more when a serial murderer begins terrorizing New York City. This antagonist, known to the terrified public only as "The January Man," leaves a series of cryptic clues at each crime scene that only the radically unconventional Starkey seems capable of deciphering.

Adding emotional depth to this crime mystery is the personal turmoil and strained relationships enveloping Nick Starkey. Susan Sarandon fills the role of Christine Starkey, Nick's ex-wife who is now married to his brother, Frank Starkey, played by Harvey Keitel. Frank is the police commissioner who grudgingly reinstates Nick to help solve the complicated puzzle of the serial killings. The tense dynamics between Nick, Christine, and Frank add a layer of personal strife, intrigue, and drama to the intense storyline.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio plays Bernadette Flynn, the mayor's feisty and intelligent daughter who becomes engaged in a budding relationship with Nick. It is through Bernadette that Nick is offered a fresh start and a chance at love once again. Her character brings a breath of warmth and lightness to the otherwise gritty and tension-filled narrative.

The movie's murderer is so-named due to his pattern of killing on dates that follow consecutive prime numbers, shining light on the intricate cryptography and math-based riddles that build the suspense further. Nick Starkey's unconventional crime-solving techniques, such as setting fire with the use of spaghetti and intimidating suspects with art, showcase a unique brand of eccentric humor that juxtaposes well against the suspenseful nature of the film.

Supporting the main cast are Rod Steiger as the arrogant Mayor Eamon Flynn, and Danny Aiello as Captain Vincent Alcoa. They both contribute to the film's tense narrative, using their political power to add layers of political maneuvering and power plays to the criminal investigation.

The January Man is not just a crime film — it is also a showcase of human relationships, personal redemption, and the complex dynamics of loss and love all set in the intimidating backdrop of a city in fear. Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio all give standout performances that highlight their respective characters' shortcomings, hopes, and fears, making each of them relatable on some level.

The January Man distinguishes itself from other crime thrillers due to its quirky humor and unusual investigative techniques, and the tension is well balanced with emotional depth and personal drama. Its characters are complex, its narrative engaging, and its cold, wintry setting brings an atmospheric chill that makes the suspense all the more thrilling.

This film is certain to engage audiences who love a good crime mystery, flavored with a good blend of humanity, humor, and suspense. Its dramatic nuances, intriguing plot and character ensemble make it a worthy watch for those who appreciate crime mystery dramas. Hence, The January Man is a unique cinematic exploration of crime, redemption, and human relationships amidst the backdrop of a city in fear.

The January Man is a Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Comedy movie released in 1989. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 33.

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