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The Horde is a French horror movie released in 2009. The movie is set in the suburbs of Paris and begins with a group of police officers, led by Aurore (played by Claude Perron) and Ouessem (played by Jean-Pierre Martins), planning to take down a notorious gang led by Adewale (played by Eriq Ebouaney). As the police officers prepare to raid the gang's hideout, they realize that something strange is happening in the building. They find themselves trapped inside the building, along with the gang members and a few other people who were hiding in the building. Soon, they discover that the building is infested with bloodthirsty zombies who attack anyone in sight. The movie then follows the events that take place in the building as the police officers and the gang members join forces to fight off the zombies and find a way out of the building. They face several obstacles in their quest for survival as the zombies seem to be getting stronger and more numerous with each passing moment. One of the standout features of The Horde is its intense action sequences. The movie has plenty of gunfire, explosions, and hand-to-hand combat scenes that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The fight scenes are well-choreographed and realistic, adding to the movie's overall sense of tension and excitement. Another notable aspect of The Horde is its cast of characters. Each character has a distinct personality and backstory, which makes it easy for the audience to root for them. Aurore is a strong, independent woman who is determined to survive against all odds. Ouessem is a hot-headed, impulsive police officer who struggles to keep his emotions in check. Adewale is a ruthless gang leader who displays a surprising amount of loyalty to his fellow criminals. Despite its action-packed scenes, The Horde also has a surprisingly emotional core. The characters are all dealing with their own personal demons and the movie explores their relationships with each other as they face a common enemy. The emotional moments in the movie are well-handled and add an extra layer of depth to the story. Overall, The Horde is a thrilling, action-packed horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. While it's not for the faint of heart, it's a must-watch for fans of the genre. The movie's strong cast of characters, intense action scenes, and emotional core make it a standout addition to the zombie movie canon.

The Horde is a Action, Horror, Thriller movie released in 2009. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher
Claude Perron, Jean-Pierre Martins , Eriq Ebouaney
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