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The Coming is a sensational science fiction thriller movie released in 2020. It stars Christina Alexandru, Jamelia Amor, and Charles Askenaizer in key roles. The film is an audacious blend of sci-fi and drama that spins a compelling tale of two young scientists whose lives take an unexpected turn when they discover signals from outer space. The movie kicks off in an engaging science lab where the protagonistic duo, superbly played by Christina Alexandru and Jamelia Amor, are deeply immersed in their scientific pursuits. Both scientists share a common investigative interest - the quest for extraterrestrial life. This pursuit turns their world upside down when they stumble upon what can be potentially the most significant scientific discovery - signals from outer space! Charles Askenaizer complements the leading characters with his stupendous performance. His character provides a gripping change of pace, from the scientific world to the real and often apathetic world. Askenaizer contrasts the duo's enthusiasm and curiosity for their discovery with stark skepticism and doubt, adding to the exciting tension and uncertainty in the film. The movie brilliantly captures the turmoil, both within the characters and within the wider context of the world, confronted with the intricacies of scientific discovery. The Coming offers an intriguing mix of suspense and brain-teasing science, all woven together with an undercurrent of human emotions and interpersonal relations. This film is not just about the thrilling journey of cosmic discovery but also explores the ethical standpoints, societal responsibilities, and the overpowering human fear of the unknown which often governs our reactions to newfound knowledge. It impressively tackles the intriguing question – How prepared are we, as individuals and as a society, to encounter alien life? Christina Alexandru, in her role, portrays an eager and fearless scientist who would stop at nothing in her pursuit of the truth. She radiates youthful optimism and determination, poignantly contrasted with Jamelia Amor’s character who initially shares the excitement but later showcases a gamut of emotions including fear, doubt, and inhibition as the implications of their discovery begin to seep in. On the other hand, Charles Askenaizer's role as a non-believer adds a whole new depth and an alternative perspective to the unfolding drama. His skepticism and cynicism act as a counterweight to the intense forward thrust of the young scientists' enthusiastic exuberance. All three actors effortlessly navigate the complex emotional landscape of their characters, delivering high-energy performances bound to keep viewers enthralled. The director of The Coming superbly marries the suspenseful elements of a thriller with deep-seated philosophical questions, exposing the audience to an emotional whirlwind. The film does an excellent job in stirring the viewer's curiosity while challenging their perceptions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the reactions it might elicit. The Coming further stands out in its intricate crafting of visual effects, detailed set designs, and its awe-inspiring depiction of science and space. It manages to strike a balance between scientific authenticity and dramatic presentation, adding depth and believability to the storyline. The commendable cinematic efforts coupled with high-end technologies indeed help in spinning this tantalizing cosmic tale. Enriched with an immersive screenplay and stellar performances, The Coming turns out to be a gripping cinematic experience. This movie provides the adrenaline rush of a thriller movie paired with the intrigue of a scientific expedition, making the movie not just an exhilarating watch but also an intellectual journey. For those passionate about the mysteries of outer space, science enthusiasts, or fans of the unexplored, The Coming is indeed a must-watch. The twists and turns of the plot, combined with brilliant acting performances and a gripping narrative theme, make it a truly compelling cinematic adventure. In conclusion, The Coming can be labelled as a humanized science fiction thriller that doesn't shy away from probing deep into the realm of cosmic possibilities while encapsulating the innate human fear of the unknown glory of the universe.

The Coming is a Action, Science Fiction, Thriller movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 1.6..

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