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In the 1980s, the golden age of pool, betting on pool games gave unscrupulous people ample opportunities to make money. It is against this background that "The Baltimore Bullet" unfurls, a 1980 movie directed by Robert Ellis Miller that captures the essence of the world of pool hustlers.

The movie follows the story of two legendary pool players, Nick Casey (James Coburn) and Billie Joe Robbins (Bruce Boxleitner), who travel to Atlantic City to participate in a high-stakes pool tournament. However, they soon find that the tournament has been fixed, and the odds are against them. The tournament is controlled by the villainous surgeon, The Deacon (Omar Sharif), who takes advantage of the innocent players and manipulates the tournament's outcome.

Determined to beat The Deacon at his own game, Nick and Billie decide to team up with a talented female pool shark, Annie (Ronee Blakley), to bring The Deacon down. Their plan is to hustle The Deacon, and they do so by pooling their talents together. Nick's trick shots, Billie's speed and accuracy, and Annie's rare talent all come in handy in their mission to defeat The Deacon.

As the story unfolds, Nick and his partner's relationship is tested, and they have to fight to overcome their differences. Meanwhile, The Deacon and his minions try to thwart the trio's unique blend of skill and cunning.

The film's cast is excellent, especially James Coburn and Omar Sharif, who deliver outstanding performances. Coburn is superbly cast as the aging pool shark who is determined to restore his reputation, and Sharif shines as the scheming villain who thinks he's infallible. Ronee Blakley, who plays Annie, also does an excellent job of balancing her character's street smarts and vision.

The game scenes in "The Baltimore Bullet" are choreographed brilliantly, and the movie's production team deserves credit for creating such authentic pool games. These scenes feature intricate camera work, offering viewers an inside look at the game mechanics at play.

The movie's soundtrack of jazz and blues music is also noteworthy. The smooth sounds of jazz fit perfectly with the laid-back mood of the film, creating a unique ambiance that feels true to the era in which the movie is set.

One of the film's main themes is the bond that develops between people who play pool for a living. It portrays the intense emotional connections that are forged in games of pool, which are as much about reading opponents and predicting their next moves as about the technicalities of the game itself.

Overall, "The Baltimore Bullet" is a must-watch for not only pool enthusiasts but also those who enjoy films about criminals and the underground world of hustling. It captures the tension, suspense, and intrigue of the pool hall with stunning visuals and gripping action sequences. Despite being released over four decades ago, "The Baltimore Bullet" remains a classic and an excellent example of the genre.

The Baltimore Bullet is a Comedy, Crime, Drama movie released in 1980. It has a runtime of 103 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9..

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