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Death of A Soldier is a gripping 1986 war drama directed by Philippe Mora and stars the phenomenal talents of James Coburn, Bill Hunter, and Reb Brown. Based on a series of real events that unfolded during World War II, this movie provides a profound examination of the complex dynamics of war, justice, and humanity.

James Coburn, an Academy Award winner, stars as Major Beckett, a high-ranking military lawyer. Coburn delivers a meticulous performance, walking a fine edge between the stern military professional and the sympathetic human being. Beckett is assigned to defend a psychologically disturbed American soldier on trial in Australia for a series of activities that take a deep dive into the darker aspects of human behaviour.

Reb Brown brings the character of Private Edward Leonski to life—a deeply troubled and mentally unstable soldier, stationed in Australia during the war. Exuding an air of vulnerability and fear, Brown's portrayal is both compelling and unsettling, making us empathize with Edward's tormented psyche viciously plagued by demons of his past. He weaves an intricate portrayal of a man caught in an extensive internal battle, trying to grapple with his own turmoil while surviving the external chaos of war.

Australia's own Bill Hunter, renowned for his prowess in presenting strong characters, plays the role of Major Adams. A character with multifaceted layers, Adams is initially depicted as a tough, no-nonsense military man bent on enforcing strict discipline. However, as the movie progresses, Hunter masterfully reveals a more humane side of Adams—challenging us to reconsider our initial judgments.

The film artfully delves into Leonski’s troubled psyche, the horrors he commits, and the subsequent trial that ensues. It casts a light on the often-ignored aspect of war - the psychological tumult experienced by those on the frontlines and the capacity of such circumstances to push individuals into the realm of darkness. The narrative doesn't just aim to tell a story of a soldier's demise, but it's also a commentary on how justice, humanity, and morality works under the lenses of war and military might.

The movie's screenplay is another one of its highlights, delivering sharp dialogues that expertly convey the complexities of the narratives and the depth of the characters. The interactions between Beckett and Leonski, particularly the intimate exchanges in the military courtroom, are amongst the most intense and thought-provoking sequences in the film.

Philippe Mora's direction is subtle yet commanding. He directs this film with an incredibly steady hand, carefully delineating each plot point to stunningly reveal the story's raw emotion and depth. He remarkably manages to maintain a delicate balance between war drama and courtroom thriller—juggling both aspects without compromising on either.

The movie also shines technically. The cinematography aptly captures the Australian landscape, providing a backdrop that adds an extra layer to the storytelling. The period detail is accurately depicted, bringing a sense of authenticity to the narrative and enhancing the immersive experience. The music is another crucial aspect of the movie. The hauntingly beautiful score echoes the dark themes permeating the storyline, heightening the tension and drama within scenes.

Death of A Soldier does not restrain itself in showcasing the tragedies of war. It propels the audience to evaluate the thin line between sanity and madness, justice and retributive justice, humanity and primal instincts. For those who appreciate war dramas interspersed with elements of psychological thriller, this movie proves to be a compelling watch. This film is a testament to a dark chapter of warfare history, and the stakes of humanity, when faced against their own inner turmoil and the external chaos ensuing around them.

Death of A Soldier is a Drama, History, War, Crime movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 93. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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