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The Ghoul, a 1933 British Horror movie, thrusts its audience into a morbid and mysterious world full of captivating drama and suspense. The film boasts a cast led by the acclaimed actor Boris Karloff, best known for his iconic role as Frankenstein's Monster in the legendary Universal's 1931 film, Frankenstein. In this film, Karloff's signature monstrous menace is teamed with suspense and deliciously tangled plot making The Ghoul a quintessential vintage horror thriller that still resonates with audiences to this day. Produced by Gaumont British and directed by T. Hayes Hunter, The Ghoul is a seminal film that helped Karaoff cement his place in the pantheon of horror icons.

Boris Karloff plays the leading character Professor Henry Morlant, an eccentric Egyptologist on his death bed. Devoutly believing in ancient Egyptian mysticism, Morlant, insists that his heirs place an ancient and priceless jewel, known as "The Eternal Light," in his tomb, which he believes will give him eternal life. His demands create a ripple effect of greed, mistrust, and suspense, which forms the backbone of the film's plot. To protect The Eternal Light at all costs and to ensure it takes its rightful place in his tomb, Morlant warns and threatens his attendants with haunting curses, igniting an atmosphere of fear right from the start.

The supporting cast of characters crosses paths in the secluded Prof. Morlant's eerie mansion, drawn to it for various reasons--inheritance, greed, curiosity, or legal execution of will. The cast ensemble includes Sir Cedric Hardwicke playing Broughton, one of the relations and a heir, and classic actor Ernest Thesiger starring as Laing, a solicitor. The film also showcases Ralph Richardson in one of his earliest screen performances. Having each with their distinct personalities, motivations, and hidden agendas, they form a deep, engaging group of characters who unravel their dread as the film marches relentlessly towards its climax.

The ghastly setting of the mansion and the vast, eerie Egyptian tomb it houses are themselves impressive characters in the film. The gloomy gothic aura and the dimly lit interiors serve as an incredible backdrop for this supernatural thriller. Couple this with elegantly crafted suspense and the not-so-covert dread and you have an unbelievably intense film that keeps audiences riveted from beginning to end. The scenes positioned within the eerie Egyptian chamber and the passages of the mansion are filmed in such a splendid manner, giving a creepy sensation of crawling dread and betrayal.

Besides the thrilling plot, another element of this movie that is intensely gripping is the richness of its characters, all of whom come to life through brilliant performances by a superior ensemble cast. Boris Karloff, with his iconic ominous presence and the uncanny ability to embody horror at its purest, delivers a performance of a lifetime, making Professor Henry Morlant a legendary character in the annals of horror cinema. Karloff's characteristic grim and subtly expressive face gives Prof. Morlant an eerie yet captivating personality. Hardwicke, Thesiger, and Richardson also visibly embrace their respective character's spirit, delivering some exquisite performances, each displaying respective facets of greed, fear, and duty.

The Ghoul stands out amongst early 1930s horror films due to its unique storytelling and atmospheric superiority. It sets the standard for future films in the genre with its use of cinematic techniques to create an environment that instills fear, and grim anticipation of what's to come next. The dread and danger the film exudes through its hushed dialogues, exotic mystique of ancient Egyptian lore, and the visually striking mise-en-scène, combined with some of Britain's best acting talents, make it a must-see for lovers of classic horror.

In conclusion, The Ghoul is a thrilling plunge into the depths of greed, suspense, and the relentless pursuit of mortality. Its most distinguishable feature is its ability to scarred the viewers not with gore or graphic images but with its atmospheric tension, outstanding performances and pursuit into the unknown. Considered one of the finest British horror films ever made and deemed a classic of horror cinema, The Ghoul still holds its ground as a brilliant specimen of the genre, even eight decades later.

The Ghoul is a Horror, Mystery movie released in 1933. It has a runtime of 77 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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