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That Touch of Mink, a romantic comedy from 1962, showcases the talents of Hollywood giants Cary Grant and Doris Day, complemented by the charismatic presence of Gig Young. This film is a classic example of the glamorous, escapist entertainment common to its era, bursting with humor, fashion, and a dash of romantic tension.

The story unfolds in the distinctive, sparkling backdrop of mid-20th century New York City. We follow the enchanting Doris Day, who plays a character named Cathy Timberlake, an honest, down-to-earth woman from rural Pennsylvania. Cathy is fiercely independent, employed as a computer operator, a highly modern and cutting-edge profession for the early '60s. One day, a chance encounter with a car splashing a puddle onto her changes her world completely. The car, she later learns, belongs to none other than Philip Shayne, a suavely charismatic yet arrogant businessman portrayed brilliantly by Cary Grant.

What ensues is a series of events that sees the worlds of Cathy and Philip collide, embroiling the pair in a whirlwind love story marked by glamour, humor, and perennial romantic tension. That Touch of Mink explores the clash of values between Cathy's traditional views on love and marriage and Philip's modern, extravagant lifestyle and preferences for casual relationships. This conflict generates much of the witty banter and dialogue that the movie uses to captivate its audience, as the key characters learn and evolve through their encounters with each other.

Complementing the chemistry between Grant and Day is the supporting role of Gig Young who plays Roger, Cathy’s psychiatrist friend with a neurotic sense of humor. Hilariously analyzing each proceeding event with Freudian interpretation, Roger gifts this comedic escapade its breath-taking pace.

That Touch of Mink is more than the sum of its parts, delivering not only an entertaining love story but also a gentle satire of the era's high society. This movie delves into the gap between the grandeur of Manhattan's Upper East Side and the modesty of a hardworking everywoman. The clever script, which never shies away from allusions to the accelerated technological advancements of the time or the socioeconomic disparities of the era, elevates this light-hearted comedy to a whole new level, enabling it to entertain and enlighten simultaneously.

Fashion plays a significant role in That Touch of Mink - an unsurprising element considering the title. Doris Day’s Cathy experiences a stunning transformation from her pragmatic working clothes into haute couture, that touch of mink itself being an extravagant and symbolic gift from Philip. These elements of costume and setting serve as physical embodiments of the very conflicts that drive the plot forward - between wealth and modesty, between modernity and traditional values.

That Touch of Mink is directed by Delbert Mann, a figure well-known for touching on the societal norms of the time without stealing the spotlight from the film's entertainment value. Even as the movie addresses issues of class disparity and women's emancipation, it primarily remains an entertaining romantic comedy, strategically coated with shades of social commentaries.

Moreover, Cary Grant in one of his most charming renditions and Doris Day in her signature girl-next-door role serve to make That Touch of Mink an icon in the genre. Their performances, combined with the wit of the scriptwriter, the rich visuals of 1960s extravagance, and Mann's deft storytelling, give the audience a delightful concoction that is equally thought-provoking and entertaining.

Overall, That Touch of Mink presents viewers with a window into a bygone era through the lens of a delightful, star-studded romantic comedy. Propelled by the idiosyncratic charm of Cary Grant and the magnetic charisma of Doris Day, this film stands as a testament to cinema's capability to mix the light-hearted with the meaningful, offering an entertaining yet thought-provoking experience, all wrapped up in a glamorous package of mink and dashing wit.

That Touch of Mink is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 1962. It has a runtime of 99 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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