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Take, a dramatic film from 2007, stars a talented cast, including Minnie Driver, Jeremy Renner, and Bobby Coleman. The story follows the lives of several individuals whose paths cross in unexpected ways. The movie explores themes of grief, redemption, and human connection.

The main character, Ana (Minnie Driver), is a single mother struggling to cope with the loss of her young son. Her grief has consumed her life; she's isolated herself from friends and family and is unable to move on from the tragedy. Ana's ex-husband and son's father, Saul (Jeremy Renner), is a successful working actor who is struggling with his own guilt and sense of responsibility for his son's death.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Jesse (Bobby Coleman) is dealing with his own trauma. He's been living in the foster care system since his mother's death, and he's struggling to find a sense of stability and belonging in the world. Jesse's social worker, Kate (Arija Bareikis), is doing her best to help him, but she's under-resourced and overworked.

As the story progresses, the lives of these characters become intertwined in unexpected ways. Ana begins therapy and starts to make progress in her healing journey. Saul returns to Los Angeles after a long absence and starts trying to rebuild his relationship with Ana. Jesse finds a sense of purpose when he discovers an interest in magic tricks and starts performing on the streets for spare change. And Kate continues to advocate for him, despite pushback from the bureaucracy of the foster care system.

Throughout the movie, there are moments of both heartbreak and redemption. Ana and Saul are forced to confront the pain of their son's death as they try to heal their strained relationship. Jesse finds a sense of belonging and purpose through his magic tricks, but he also experiences setbacks and moments of despair. And Kate's dedication to Jesse is tested when she discovers he has been hiding a secret from her.

One of the strengths of the movie is the performances of the actors, particularly Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner. Driver has often played strong-willed, confident characters, but in Take she showcases a vulnerability and a depth of emotion that is truly impressive. Renner, too, is excellent as Saul, a character who is both charismatic and deeply flawed. The scenes between Driver and Renner are some of the most powerful in the movie, as they navigate the complicated dynamics of grief and love.

The film also features some beautiful cinematography, with shots of Los Angeles that are both gritty and poetic. The music, too, is well-chosen and adds to the emotional resonance of the story.

Despite some heavy subject matter, Take is ultimately a hopeful movie. It suggests that even in the face of tragedy and loss, there is still hope for healing and human connection. It's a poignant, well-crafted film that deserves more attention than it received upon its initial release.

Take is a Crime, Drama, Thriller movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 22.

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