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Stratton, a high-octane action thriller released in 2017, directed by Simon West and starring Dominic Cooper, Austin Stowell, and Gemma Chan, combines the excitement of military operations with in-depth narratives of personal and patriotic duty, delivering an impressive and noteworthy cinematic experience.

Dominic Cooper plays the role of John Stratton, a seasoned operative belonging to the British Special Boat Service who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Stratton is a dedicated patriot and a mindful skeptic. Cooper makes these traits believable, blending commitment, experience, and a measure of war-torn cynicism in his character portrayal. His no-nonsense approach is a cornerstone of the film, earning him the respect of his teammates and superiors.

Supporting Cooper in his role, Austin Stowell plays Stratton's operational partner – Marty, who plays a crucial role in the film. Stowell's performance adds an additional dynamic to the movie, creating a bond that strengthens the overall team dynamic, portraying a strong partnership that is vital to the success of their missions. Gemma Chan, widely recognized for her talent in dramatic roles, plays Aggy, one of the analytical minds back at SBS headquarters providing essential support to Stratton and his team. Her intelligent and determined character helps illustrate the level of intelligence and planning that goes into each action sequence.

Stratton's world revolves around a volatile mix of high-stake missions, life-threatening personal risks, and the constant ocean of geopolitical intrigue he must navigate through. The stakes are phenomenally high – international security threats and global terrorism loom heavy on the horizon. As an operative of the British Special Boat Services (SBS) and part of NATO's Special Forces network, Stratton represents an elite breed of combat specialists who take on tasks far beyond the capabilities of conventional forces.

The film’s adrenaline-charged sequences are often set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes that contrast the harsh, concrete structures of terrorism strongholds and city skylines. The director, Simon West, does an extraordinary job of illustrating the dichotomy between the stark brutality of conflict and the beauty of nature.

The movie draws on stratagems both from the manual of military operations and the rulebook of spy thrillers, resulting in a constant stream of action sequences, stealth infiltrations, and moments of high suspense. The movie also takes viewers behind the scenes of SBS headquarters, giving an inside look at the strategic planning, innovative technology, and teamwork that support the action in the field.

However, Stratton isn't solely about the action. The film also touches on the protagonist's personal stories and underlines the setbacks and sacrifices that Stratton and Co. face in their line of duty. The movie strikes an intriguing balance between showcasing the highly disciplined world of special operations and the humanity of the men and women who take on these perilous assignments.

Stratton manages to flip the script on many action movie tropes and delivers a grounded story of a group of operatives who are only as good as the team that backs them. Viewers will likely appreciate the varied and well-developed cast, who add a layer of believability and authenticity to the film. The on-screen chemistry among the actors effectively conveys the sense of camaraderie and trust necessary in Stratton's working environment.

One of the striking elements of the movie is Stratton's depiction of British military intelligence. It paints a picture that reveals the high level of cooperation and collaboration existing between international intelligence agencies. The depiction of how intelligence and tactical decisions are made within interconnected geopolitics elevates the plot, making it more than a simple action-packed military thriller.

Stratton is a film that champions the brass-tacks approach of its protagonist. It takes viewers on a gripping journey through the complexities of national security, personal sacrifice, and duty, while keeping them on the edge of their seats. Whether you're a fan of action-packed military movies or compelling narratives of duty and sacrifice, Stratton offers something for you. The film marries solemn themes with breathtaking action and memorable characters to create a captivating film experience.

Stratton is a Action, Thriller movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 26.

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