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Stephen King's A Good Marriage (2014) is a fascinating psychological thriller that doesn't rely on sensational scare elements but skillfully utilizes suspense and intrigue. Directed by Peter Askin and based on Stephen King's novella of the same name, this film plunges into a riveting exploration of what can lurk behind the façade of a perfect marital relationship.

Joan Allen, an Academy Award nominee known for her powerful performances, stars as Darcy Anderson, a woman admired for her successful, decades-long marriage to her husband Bob. Darcy is a loyal, understanding, and strong-willed woman whose life revolves around her lovely family and her charming, affable husband.

The acclaimed actor, Anthony LaPaglia plays Bob Anderson, a successful accountant who is an epitome of an ideal husband and a loving father. He is a respectable figure in the community, with a jovial spirit that hides a deeply enigmatic side. His persona on screen brings charm, yet an unsettling undercurrent to this domestic thriller.

At first glance, Darcy and Bob's marriage appears to be blissfully perfect, with the couple leading a life that could be right out of any ideal family portrait. But this seemingly normal domestic life takes a drastic turn when Darcy stumbles upon a disturbing secret about her husband. This shocking revelation makes her question the very foundation of their relationship, and she finds herself caught in a dangerous dilemma that threatens to destroy her world.

Starring as the mysterious Holt Ramsey is Stephen Lang, whose chilling performance perfectly complements the escalating tension. As layers of secrets are peeled back, Stephen King's mastery in storytelling comes alive, keeping viewers gripped with the unfolding suspense and intrigue.

The film skillfully dabbles with the concept of duplicity in a seemingly perfect domestic setting. The setup is quintessentially Stephen King, taking the everyday elements and imbibing them with an inexorable sense of terror. A Good Marriage is a quietly nerve-racking thriller that presents a fraught exploration of trust, identity, and what happens when the veneer of normalcy shatters.

Director Peter Askin brilliantly illustrates the dichotomy between the personas people adopt in their public and private lives. He tactfully navigates through Darcy's fear, disbelief, and struggle, through the unsettling journey from blissful ignorance to a terrifying revelation. The tight editing and the proficient cinematography captivates the audience by creating a heavy sense of foreboding while balancing it with a faint hint of hope.

The chilling narrative unfolds at a slow burn, masterfully building an atmosphere of dread and doubt. As is the norm with all Stephen King stories, minor details gradually contribute to the larger plot, ensnaring the audience’s attentions, all the while providing a showcase of nuanced performances from its leads. Joan Allen's portrayal of an everyday woman forced to confront an unthinkable reality is particularly noteworthy and is certain to leave viewers enthralled.

With memorable performances, built-up suspense, and a tense plot, A Good Marriage is a thrilling watch that brings the ordinary suburban life to a menacingly new light. It presents viewers with the harrowing question - how well do you truly know your spouse? It goes beyond the standard fare of thrillers to delve into a nuanced inspection of marital relationship and trust, making it an impressive addition to Stephen King’s repertoire of screen adaptations.

A Good Marriage is a deeply engaging and suspenseful thriller that unfolds like a claustrophobic nightmare which any Stephen King or thriller fan wouldn't want to miss. While keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, it does this not through cheap jump scares, but with a tense atmospheric buildup and brilliant storytelling, which King is known for. The film is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the most horrifying monsters are those that take residence in the dear ones closest to us. A brilliantly constructed film, it is a must-watch for anyone ready to be thrilled and thoroughly spooked.

Stephen King's A Good Marriage is a Thriller movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 43.

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