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Stash House is a 2012 American action thriller movie directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and stars Sean Faris, Briana Evigan and Dolph Lundgren. The film revolves around the lives of a young couple, David and Emma Nash, who have just moved into their new house. Little do they know that the house they have just purchased has a dark history that they will soon become part of. David Nash (Sean Faris) is a former boxer who moves with his young wife Emma (Briana Evigan) into a new house. Emma is a talented graphic designer who is excited to settle into their new home and start their new life together. However, soon after they arrive, David discovers a stash of drugs hidden in the walls of their house. The discovery prompts a deadly game of cat and mouse with the drug cartel that is searching for their stolen stash. The couple's home is actually a stash house, where a dangerous drug cartel keeps a huge cache of drugs hidden. They soon become trapped inside their own house, as the cartel henchmen, led by the imposing figure of Andy Spector (Dolph Lundgren), mount a fierce attack on their home. What starts as a peaceful life in their new house quickly turns into a nightmarish scenario where they find themselves trying to survive against deadly odds. As David and Emma struggle to stay alive, they realize that they are in way over their heads and must fight to stay alive. The movie's plot is full of twists and turns, and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. The characters are well-written and well-acted, bringing a lot of depth and intrigue to the film. Sean Faris delivers a powerful performance as the boxer-turned-victim, while Briana Evigan is convincing as the naive but resilient Emma. Dolph Lundgren is menacing as the cartel leader, bringing a sense of dread to each scene he's in. The film takes place almost entirely inside the couple's house, creating an environment of claustrophobia and paranoia. The director does a great job of using the limited space to create tension and suspense. The movie has a strong visual style, with impressive camerawork and lighting that adds to the creepy atmosphere of the story. Overall, Stash House is a thrilling and intense movie that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. It is a well-executed action-thriller with strong performances and a tight script. Anyone who enjoys tense and suspenseful films will find a lot to love here. Despite the limited setting, the movie does not feel repetitive or dull, thanks to the well-written characters and solid pacing. Fans of the genre will definitely want to give Stash House a watch.

Stash House is a Thriller movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 99 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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