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Space Chimps is an animated family feature from 2008 directed by Kirk De Micco, best recognized for his work on "The Croods". Noted actors like Andy Samberg, Stanley Tucci, and Jeff Daniels lend their voices to this computer-animated science fiction comedy that takes its audience on an intergalactic journey filled with laughs and excitement.

Set in the timeless cosmos, the film offers an amusing twist on real-life space travel. It references history's actual space chimpanzees, but introduces outlandish, comedic happenings to create an alternate reality that's entertaining for all ages. The premise of the movie primarily revolves around a trio of NASA trained chimpanzees and their voyage to a distant planet in the universe.

Andy Samberg, known for his comedic acting in TV show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," gives voice to Ham III, the goofball chimp protagonist. Ham III is the grandson of the first chimp astronaut, tasked with carrying his grandfather's legacy to space. However, his light-hearted approach to life doesn't quite live up to his forebearer's heroic reputation. He seems more inclined towards launching himself from a cannon at the circus than launching himself into the cosmos.

Stanley Tucci, known for his versatile roles ranging from drama to comedy, portrays Senator the Chimp. Tucci injects a dose of distinct authority and humor into his character, who is trying to establish his significance within the space program and also acting as a foil to Ham III's goofiness.

Jeff Daniels, with his ability to portray deep and significant characters, gives voice to Zartog. Zartog is a dictator-like alien character on the distant planet of Malgor, which the chimps end up crash landing on. This character adds an exciting and consequential element to the plot, ensuring the stakes are high for the chimpanzee trio.

Accompanying Ham III on the galactic journey are Luna, the disciplined, type A personality chimpanzee (voiced by Cheryl Hines) and Titan, the fearless leader and commander (voiced by Patrick Warburton). The dynamics among these three chimps unfold throughout the movie as they travel to an unknown part of the universe, and it is these dynamics that fuel the humor and empathy throughout the storyline.

Despite being targeted towards children, the Space Chimps provides a humorous and enjoyable experience for the entire family, with intelligently written dialogues and situations that craft laughs for both the young and old. The interspersed wit and humor appeal to the adults, and the animation, color, characters, and straightforward plot engage the children. The film cleverly depicts teamwork, courage, friendship, and the importance of being true to oneself - all under the veil of slapstick comedy and space adventure.

The visual design of Space Chimps is vibrant and fun. The characters are endearingly illustrated with imaginative detail, and the alien world of Malgor is intricately designed with its unique inhabitants and landscapes. The animation quality provides an immersive viewing experience that harmonizes with the comedic setting and narrative of the film.

In terms of music, the score by Blue Man Group brings an additional layer of mood and emotion to the cartooned space journey. It ranges from exciting and adventurous tunes during bold space sequences, to softer and more emotive melodies during moments of contemplation or joy.

Overall, Space Chimps is a film that effectively blends humor, adventure, and heart-warming moments into a wholesome viewing experience. It takes its audience on a cosmic ride that is visually pleasing and comically entertaining. With its capable voice acting cast giving life to an array of engaging characters, it is a movie that offers laughter, edge-of-the-seat excitement, and a dose of warm fuzzy feelings. Space Chimps is a delightful family movie that tickles your funny bone while whisking you off into the far-flung reaches of the animated universe. This movie serves as an entertaining watch that families can enjoy together, blending fun-filled adventure with a heart-warming storyline.

Space Chimps is a Animation, Kids & Family, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 36.

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