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Santa Claus: The Movie is a holiday classic that flawlessly leaps New York's skyscrapers to Holland's windmills while preserving the warmth and wonder of Christmas. The film, released in 1985, is a family-oriented fantasy adventure that seeks to unfold the mysteries behind the man we all know and love, Santa Claus, brilliantly played by David Huddleston.

The movie opens up in the 14th century with a generous woodcutter, Claus, and his wife Anya (Judy Cornwell). They live in a small village, where they are cherished for their kindness and giving nature, especially towards children. During one winter, on a giving journey to give homemade toys to children, they get caught in a blizzard. The couple is rescued and magically transported to the North Pole, where ancient elves led by Dooley (Burgess Meredith) designate them as the chosen ones. This marks the inception of the man we now know as Santa Claus, whose mission is to bring joy and happiness to children worldwide.

Dudley Moore brings a dash of comedy and drama to the film through his character Patch, one of the lead elves in Santa's workshop. Patch is an inventive fellow who's always coming up with ways to incorporate new technology into the toy making process. Life at the North Pole is perfectly harmonious, filled with joy, love, and a non-stop production line of toys until Patch's innovative but faulty toy machine goes haywire. This causes a series of events that eventually lead Patch to unwittingly join hands with a heartless toy maker, B.Z., splendidly enacted by John Lithgow.

Back in the bustling city of New York, B.Z., who is fast losing his position in the toy-making industry due to his shoddy products, is looking for a life-saving stroke. He plots a sinister plan to overthrow Santa and take over Christmas. B.Z. represents corporate greed that tries to exploit the innocence and beliefs centered around Christmas gifts. The audience gets to see Christmas's commercialization and how market-driven strategies aim to hijack the true essence of the event.

Meanwhile, the movie also weaves in a touching narrative featuring two homeless children - Joe (Christian Fitzpatrick) and Cornelia (Carrie Kei Heim). Their encounter with Santa adds an emotional thread that further deepens the story. Their dreams, innocence, and belief in Santa beautifully unfold against the bleak backdrop of their hardship.

The grandeur of Santa Claus: The Movie is evident from the beginning, capturing the essence of childhood whimsy and adult nostalgia alike. Lavishly mounted set designs from Santa's magical toy workshop, the North Pole's icy landscapes, to the busy streets of New York City are sure to take viewers on a delightful visual journey. The aerial shots of Santa's sleigh soaring through the star-studded sky are enchantingly beautiful, adding an extra charm to festive joy.

While the movie is inherently a fairy tale, it subtly touches on relevant themes of commercialism, the idea of faith, and the spirit of giving. It's a holiday movie that, at its core, relays the message that Christmas is not about receiving but about giving, sharing, and spreading joy.

Character performances in the film are laudable. David Huddleston personifies Santa Claus with grace, warmth, and joviality. As Santa, he exudes a sense of magic and mystery, making kids and adults alike believe in the magic of Christmas. Dudley Moore with his comic timing and mannerisms thoroughly entertains as the well-intentioned but blundering Patch. John Lithgow stands out as the movie's antagonist, giving a riveting performance as the greedy and crafty B.Z.

The film's music by Henry Mancini adds an extra dimension, invoking a spirit of festive euphoria and emotional intensity when needed. Classic holiday tunes intermingle with the original score to create a truly enchanting auditory experience.

In a nutshell, Santa Claus: The Movie is a heartwarming cinematic experience that encapsulates the magic, spirit, and warmth of Christmas. It's a wholesome family film that effortlessly combines comedy, adventure, friendship, love, and a dash of sinister plotting to outdo Santa himself. With an enchanting story, memorable performances, and stunning visuals, this film brings an imaginative interpretation of the Santa Claus lore to the screen, promising to fill the audience with Christmas spirit.

Santa Claus: The Movie is a Kids & Family, Fantasy, Adventure movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 108 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3..

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