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Sand Dollar Cove is a family-friendly, romantic drama film that premiered in 2021 offering viewers a heart-warming and engaging story. The film stars well-known faces like Chad Michael Murray, known for his role in 'One Tree Hill', Aly Michalka from 'Easy A' and 'iZombie', and Clare Bowen, known for her performance in 'Nashville'. The movie unfolds in a picturesque, seaside town brimming with charm and nostalgia.

The film's main plot follows a driven, high energy real estate developer from New York named Elli (played by Aly Michalka) hoping to secure land in Sand Dollar Cove, a tranquil Connecticut beach town. Drawn in by the scenic landscape, she endeavors to transform the sleepy seaside hamlet into a major resort destination. To achieve her goal, Elli has to convince the locals about the economic prosperity her project could bring to their community, fostering job opportunities and sparking a new lease of life to the lonely town.

Chad Michael Murray steps into the role of Brody, a widowed father and a local boatmaker who is deeply attached to the community. Brody is invested in preserving the natural and tranquil charm of Sand Dollar Cove, wary of the drastic changes that Elli's proposed development plan could bring. Believing that such a construction project might destroy the town's charm and natural beauty, Brody becomes a barrier Elli must surpass to fulfill her ambition. With so much on the line, they both steadfastly stand by their individual visions for Sand Dollar Cove.

In an unexpected turn of events, Elli and Brody find themselves spending more time together as they work towards their respective goals. While Elli experiences a change of heart about what the town actually needs, there is a budding romance forming between Elli and Brody. The picturesque backdrop, a charming community, and Elli’s growing bond with Brody make her question whether there are things more important than ambitious development plans.

Sand Dollar Cove invites viewers to delve into a world of dreamy beaches, where friendship, community, love, and preservation stand to challenge the lust for progress and economic prosperity. It's a classic tale of love and preservation against modernization and development, against the scenic backdrop of a quaint beach town.

Clare Bowen, who plays the role of Charley, adds an additional layer of depth to the story. Her character is full of life and spirit, portraying a successful woman who encourages her longtime friend Elli to follow her heart, not just her career ambitions.

The film strikes a balance between romance, drama, and humor. Its heart-warming narration coupled with the appealing performances of the cast helps the viewers connect with each character's journey. The blend of romance and drama in the breathtaking seaside setting make Sand Dollar Cove an almost therapeutic movie experience.

Along with its beautifully illustrated love story, the film delivers subtle but meaningful commentaries on environmental preservation and the impacts of uncontrolled development on quaint, picturesque communities like Sand Dollar Cove. The story underscores the importance of maintaining the authenticity and character of small towns, reminding viewers of the priceless nature of history and heritage.

The film successfully envelops viewers in a world full of charm and character, where a tight-knit community thrives alongside serene beaches and tranquil waves. The audience also appreciates the journey each protagonist takes, dealing with their own personal struggles and their developing relationship.

In conclusion, Sand Dollar Cove is a galvanizing tale wrapped up in a scenic wonder, gradually unfolding the bittersweet reality of modernization and development. Throughout the movie, the intriguing bond between the main characters, the blend of romance and drama, and the incredibly visualized serene beauty of the beach town make Sand Dollar Cove a captivating and refreshing film. A must-watch for anyone seeking a feel-good, heartwarming tale of love and preservation, sprinkled with the soothing essence of a beach-side setting.

Sand Dollar Cove is a TV Movie, Comedy, Romance, Drama movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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