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Realive, released in 2016, is a thought-provoking science fiction drama that approaches the theme of immortality and human augmentation with a fresh perspective. The film is directed by Spanish filmmaker Mateo Gil, and stars Oona Chaplin (famed for her role in Game of Thrones), Tom Hughes (Victoria, About Time) and Charlotte Le Bon (The Hundred-Foot Journey).

The story of Realive revolves around Marc Jarvis (played by Tom Hughes), an accomplished artist who is confronted with a life-altering situation. He's been diagnosed with terminal cancer and has been given a little over a year to live. After much introspection, Marc decides to have his body cryogenically preserved, in the hopes that future medical advancements might be able to cure his condition. Mark hopes that one day he might be woken up, cured and able to continue from where he left off before his illness.

Around six decades later, his wish becomes a reality. Marc becomes the beneficiary of advanced medical treatments and is revived into a distant future by Prodigy Health Corporation, an advanced medical company that financed and facilitated his preservation, and are now overseeing his rebirth into the future.

What awaits Marc, however, is not an easy ride. He finds his new reality surreal and struggles to adapt to his newly "Realived" life. The world he knew has ceased to exist, and everyone he once loved is gone. Moreover, the process of adaptation isn't just mental, it's physical too. Marc's body has changed, manipulated by the technologies that brought him to life.

Oona Chaplin portrays Elizabeth, a compassionate and dedicated medical professional who spends countless hours attempting to help Marc adapt to his unfamiliar reality. Charlotte Le Bon plays the part of Naomi, Marc's love interest from his past life, appearing in flashbacks. The cast achieves a visceral connection with the audience, and their performances lend a deep, emotional undercurrent to the film's intellectually stimulating concepts.

Realive may have its roots in the sci-fi genre, but the story is deeply philosophical and forces us to question our definitions of life and death, and the ethical and moral repercussions of the advancements in medical science. It paints a futuristic world with intricate details, compelling the audience to visualize the relatively distant future through a seemingly realistic lens.

Realive also deals with current issues like healthcare commercialization and corporate accountability. Furthermore, through Marc's surreal journey, the film explores the human condition in isolation and the psychological implications of the dramatic shift from a world familiar to a world unknown.

The production design of Realive is brilliantly crafted, presenting a gripping vision of an advanced medical facility in the future. The minimalist design and the sterile aesthetics create a unique ambiance, adding to the atmosphere of cold scientific progress that pervades the film. The movie's CGI and special effects are subtle yet impressive, contributing significantly to the visual storytelling.

The film's cinematography is also commendable; it captures the melancholic and somber moods perfectly alongside the stark, bright aesthetics of the technologically advanced facility. The contrast between the futuristic setting and the nostalgic flashbacks adds a profound layer to the film.

Mateo Gil’s direction keeps the audience engaged. Despite dabbling in speculative fiction, the narrative remains grounded — thereby helping keep the connection between the audience and the characters. Gil weaves together a compelling narrative that balances the shock of the unfamiliar with the innate human instinct for survival and connection.

As for the soundtrack, it complements the visuals and the narrative impeccably. It offers an immersive experience, a fitting blend of subtlety and intensity that makes the viewing experience even better.

In conclusion, Realive is an intriguing exploration of the future of medicine, immortality, and what it truly means to be human. If you're a lover of cerebral Sci-Fi which paints a vivid picture of a plausible future while presenting a profound commentary on human desires and fears, Realive is a must-watch for you. Its unique premise, great performances, defined aesthetics, and narrative depth make this one worthwhile for Sci-Fi lovers and casual moviegoers alike.

Realive is a Science Fiction movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 112 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 59.

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