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Pumpkin is a dark comedy-drama that premiered in 2002. The movie was directed by Adam Larson Broder and stars Christina Ricci, Hank Harris, Brenda Blethyn, and others. Pumpkin's story takes place in an idyllic setting of Southern California's college campus, and the primary focus is on a sorority girl named Carolyn McDuffy (Ricci).

Straight-laced and ambitious Carolyn is an active sorority sister of the Phi Lows, who dream of winning the Sorority of the Year award for the fourth consecutive year in a row. She is also a top-notch athlete, and her endless enthusiasm and drive make her the most celebrated athlete on the campus. However, one day, things take an unexpected turn when Carolyn encounters a young man diagnosed with Down syndrome named Pumpkin (Hank Harris). Although it seems that Pumpkin has nothing in common with Carolyn, their chance encounter paves the way for a great friendship.

Despite Pumpkin's family's opposition and the campus community's prejudice, Carolyn takes Pumpkin under her wings as a part of her sorority, hoping to win the coveted Sorority of the Year award. Throughout the movie, we see their relationship evolve as Pumpkin's presence opens up Carolyn's heart to not only new experiences, but also a new sense of compassion and kindness.

Amidst Carolyn and Pumpkin's evolving friendship, we're also introduced to Carolyn's family and various members of her sorority. Carolyn's overly domineering and controlling mother, Judy (Brenda Blethyn), is the driving force behind Carolyn's successes and is determined to do anything possible to help her daughter win the Sorority of the Year award.

The film's delicate balance between sincerity and satire is impeccable. It manages to explore complex topics such as disability, mental health, privilege, and personal accountability, and yet, never feels preachy. The writing is edgy, and the film never shies away from making challenging points, which are often delivered with an explosive bite.

Pumpkin is a masterclass in filmmaking that deftly blends genres and tones to create something unique and unforgettable. It's an immensely satisfying movie, which bravely addresses sensitive topics with cold, insightful humor that juxtaposes the emotional punch of its more poignant moments exquisitely.

The acting in Pumpkin is outstanding, and everyone delivers fantastic performances, making it an incredibly memorable film. Christina Ricci is impeccable as Carolyn, perfectly capturing the character's determined, career-driven personality that is anything but sympathetic. She manages to humanize Carolyn's most unpleasant qualities, making her a character that the audience can understand and even root for.

Hank Harris, who portrays Pumpkin, delivers a performance that is as brave as it is sensitive. He imbues Pumpkin with a rich interior life, and the way he moves and interacts with the world around him is both beautiful and heart-wrenching. Brenda Blethyn, a seasoned actress, turns in a performance that steals every scene she's in; she portrays Carolyn's controlling, snobbish mother with aplomb and adds complexity to an already nuanced character.

In conclusion, Pumpkin is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think. It's a poignant, insightful work that isn't afraid to explore difficult topics, and it does so with intelligence and grace. With remarkable performances from its cast and a masterful script, this movie is an unforgettable experience.

Pumpkin is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 113 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 46.

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