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Project A 2 is a delightful and exhilarating sequel to the 1983 martial arts-comedy movie, 'Project A'. Directed by and starring Jackie Chan, the film is a classic example of the comedy-action genre that Chan is renowned for. The movie also stars Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan, who both leave indelible impressions on the audiences with their compelling performances. Released in 1987, Project A 2 is a well-loved and timeless film that embodies Jackie Chan's world-class comedy, action, and direction. The film resumes the journey of Dragon Ma (played by Jackie Chan), a marine sergeant from the original film, who was transferred to be a police officer in the police force after the dissolution of the Marine Police, setting the stage for a whirlwind of comedic action and adventure. In comparison to its predecessor, Project A 2 squares more focus on the police force and its operations. The plot thickens with the involvement of multiple individual entities, including the police force, revolutionaries, pirates, and corrupt officials, aiming to achieve their respective agendas. Jackie Chan's Dragon Ma character returns full-fledged to display the actor's trademark mix of brilliant action sequences and hilarious comedy. Chan’s capability to bounce between dramatic moments and comic relief is a defining feature of this film, as he sets the stage life with his precise martial art choreographies and his innovative yet hilarious slapstick stunts, making the film not just another action flick, but a platform displaying the diverse facets of Chan's talent. Maggie Cheung, on the other hand, plays a completely new character named 'Yesan', the sister of Superintendent Chun (Bill Tung). Known for her superb acting skills, Cheung adds dimension to Yesan's character, making it unique and refreshing to watch. She shines in her comic sequences with keen timing while also delivering intense moments with aplomb. Similarly, Rosamund Kwan reprises her role as Miss Pak from the original movie, her performance bringing an engaging dynamic to the story. Like its predecessor, Project A 2 employs a blend of action, comedy, and period drama, creating an entertaining narrative that keeps audiences intrigued. It retains the freshness of its predecessor while also standing out with its unique plot developments. The film capitalizes on Chan's strengths as a physical performer, with fight scenes, chase sequences, and death-defying stunts that carry Chan's signature style written all over them. Although the action is thrilling and top-notch, those scenes also incorporate a significant amount of comedy, which makes it a fun watch rather than a tense action sequence. Adding depth to its strong lead performances, the supporting cast, which includes David Lam, Michael Chan, and Bill Tung, each have their moment to shine, with impressive performances that help to create a complete cinematic experience. The film also features a cameo by famous actor Sammo Hung, who had co-starred in the prequel. The production values of Project A 2 is a commendable aspect of the film, with elaborate set designs and costumes, reflecting the late nineteenth-century Hong Kong. Above all, the film's music, composed by Michael Lai, provides a captivating auditory experience, flawlessly underlining the evolving scenes' moods. The sound effects during the action scenes are also perfectly executed, elevating the thrill of watching them unfold. In summary, 'Project A 2' not only remains faithful to the spirit and fun of the original but also further elevates itself with enhanced storytelling and elaborated fight sequences. It serves a generous helping of Chan's masterful stunts, hilarious antics, wit, and charm, all bound together by a fast-paced, engaging plot. The stellar performances from the diverse cast and the distinctive blend of action, comedy, and drama make this film a classic representation of Hong Kong Cinema and an irresistible Jackie Chan spectacle. As such, it's much recommended for fans of action-comedy and Jackie Chan's unique style of storytelling.

Project A 2 is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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