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Project A 2 is a 1987 martial arts action-comedy movie directed by and starring the legendary Jackie Chan. It is a sequel to Project A, which was released two years earlier. The movie also stars Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan in important roles.

The movie is set in late 19th-century Hong Kong, during the time when the British Empire was slowly colonizing the city. Jackie Chan plays Sergeant Dragon Ma, a former member of the Hong Kong Marine Police who is now working with the local police force. The movie opens with an intense fight scene between Dragon Ma and a group of pirates who are attempting to rob a military armory. The scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which is full of adrenaline-pumping action sequences.

The main plot of the movie revolves around Dragon Ma's efforts to protect the city from a group of corrupt officials who are working with foreign powers to sell weapons to bandits. Dragon Ma teams up with a group of revolutionary patriots who are determined to overthrow the corrupt officials and restore Hong Kong's independence.

Maggie Cheung plays the role of Yesan, a streetwise pickpocket who becomes Dragon Ma's ally after he saves her from a group of thugs. Yesan is a feisty character who provides the movie with a much-needed dose of humor and romance.

Rosamund Kwan plays the role of Miss Pak, a wealthy businesswoman who is also a member of the revolutionary patriots. Miss Pak is an intelligent and resourceful character who helps Dragon Ma in his mission to save the city.

One of the highlights of the movie is the many action sequences that Jackie Chan performs. The movie features some of the most incredible fight scenes in the history of martial arts cinema, including a final battle aboard a moving train that has to be seen to be believed.

Apart from the action, the movie also features some cleverly written comedy scenes. Jackie Chan is known for his comedic timing, and he does not disappoint in this movie. There are many scenes that will make you laugh out loud, including a hilarious sequence where Dragon Ma and Yesan attempt to steal a valuable necklace.

The movie also features some beautiful cinematography, capturing the vibrant and colorful streets of Hong Kong. The sets and costumes are also impressive, providing an authentic look at life in 19th-century Hong Kong.

Overall, Project A 2 is a fantastic movie that manages to balance action and comedy perfectly. Jackie Chan delivers a fantastic performance and his chemistry with Maggie Cheung and Rosamund Kwan is palpable. The movie is an excellent example of Hong Kong cinema at its best and is a must-watch for any fan of martial arts movies.

Project A 2 is a Action, Comedy movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 101 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0..

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