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Little Big Soldier is an adventure-filled comedy-drama made in 2010 that features Jackie Chan, a worldwide beloved Hong Kong actor, martial artist, filmmaker, and stuntman in the principal role. He is known not only for his memorable characters and martial artistry but also for his slapstick acrobatic fighting style, which we see used to great effect here. The film is supported by an excellent cast that includes Leehom Wang, a critically applauded actor, singer, producer, and director from the USA, and Sung-jun Yoo, a talented South Korean actor who brings youthful dynamism to the screen.

The film offers a different, less known time period than most historical war films, setting in the Warring States period of ancient China. It dwells into the depths of the war, the soldiers' lives, and the tenacity of humans during violent times, taking us on a journey into the past that merges adventure, action, drama, and comedy into a memorable cinematic experience.

The plot revolves around Jackie Chan's character, nicknamed the "Big Soldier," an older low-ranking infantryman, one of the last surviving fighters of the Liang State. He has survived not by being a remarkable warrior, but by his cunning intellect and his strong instincts for self-preservation. He manages to capture a young General from a rival state, played by Leehom Wang, hence the beginning of an incredible journey filled with danger and excitement.

The amusing contrasts between the characters add a comedic touch to the drama. The audience comes to know them as two ends of a spectrum, portraying different societal structures. The Big Soldier, despite his nickname, is just a simple farmer forcibly drafted into war. In contrast, Leehom Wang's character is a young, courageous general of the Wei State, who is prestigious, higher-class, and more of an idealistic warrior.

The Big Soldier’s plan is to deliver the captured enemy general to his state and receive a handsome reward. As they traverse treacherous landscapes, they find themselves chased by their own respective army members wanting to claim the reward, rival state forces, and vicious bandits, forcing the pair to co-operate despite their differing backgrounds and perspectives, throwing them to the depths of the trials of war, camaraderie, honor, and survival.

Directed by talented filmmaker Ding Sheng, known for his work on "Police Story 2013" and "Underdog Knight", Little Big Soldier is a showcase of meticulous cinematography, capturing the picturesque landscapes of China, and fast-paced action scenes that blend well into the storyline without obscuring the dramatic elements of the plot. The movie’s music, composed by Xiao Ke, heightens the emotional thread throughout the narrative, ranging from melancholic tunes to dramatic compositions, enhancing the overall impact.

Jackie Chan, beyond just starring, has also contributed to the screenplay and written the script, providing a broader mosaic of war, camaraderie, honor, and survival. It's also worth mentioning his iconic martial arts sequences, which are peppered with elements of humor and inventiveness, making the movie far from being just another historical war epic.

Little Big Soldier efficiently uses its storyline to make commentary on war, the senselessness of the conflicts, the brutal realities faced by soldiers, wrapped around an exciting adventure of an unlikely duo. At the same time, Jackie Chan’s performance brings humor and levity to a time of war and chaos, and the back-and-forth dynamic between him and Leehom Wang offers a detailed and nuanced look at the individuals behind the soldiers’ armor.

In summary, Little Big Soldier is a skillful blend of a road movie with an action-drama sprinkled with elements of comedy, making it a genre-bending film that provides both the thrill of a historical epic and the amusing interactions between the lead characters. This movie is worth a watch not only for Jackie Chan fans but also for any movie enthusiasts who appreciate innovative storytelling, robust character development, rich cinematography, and action-packed sequences framed within a historical context.

Little Big Soldier is a Action, Comedy, Adventure movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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