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Professor Branestawm Returns is a family-friendly comedy film that follows the eccentric inventor Professor Branestawm as he returns to his town in England after traveling the world in search of new ideas. The film stars Diana Rigg as Lady Pagwell, Adrian Scarborough as Colonel Dedshott, and Vicki Pepperdine as Connie.

The story begins with Lady Pagwell, a wealthy woman who loves to garden, experiencing a terrible accident in which she falls into a hole in her yard. This prompts her to hire Professor Branestawm to fix the hole and make her garden even better than before. However, the professor's inventions often have unintended consequences, and chaos ensues as the town is transformed by his latest creations.

Throughout the film, we are introduced to a cast of quirky characters, such as the bumbling Colonel Dedshott, who is tasked with keeping the town safe from danger, and Connie, a journalist who is fascinated by the professor's inventions. The film's humor is primarily derived from the wacky antics of Professor Branestawm, who is equal parts genius and mad scientist. His inventions range from the practical, such as a machine that cleans dishes, to the absurd, such as an invention that turns objects into birds.

As the chaos escalates, the town begins to turn against Professor Branestawm, viewing him as a threat to their safety and wellbeing. However, when a dangerous organization threatens to destroy the town, it is up to the professor to save the day with his latest invention.

One of the standout elements of Professor Branestawm Returns is its charming visual style. The film has a distinctly vintage feel, with its muted color palette and quaint English setting. This creates a nostalgic atmosphere that harkens back to classic family films of the past. Additionally, the film's special effects are impressive, particularly when it comes to the professor's inventions. From flying bicycles to dancing robots, each invention is brought to life with a sense of whimsy and wonder.

The film's cast also deserves praise for their performances. Diana Rigg brings gravitas to the role of Lady Pagwell, while Adrian Scarborough fully embraces the comedic potential of his character, Colonel Dedshott. Vicki Pepperdine shines as Connie, providing a grounded perspective that helps ground the film's zaniness.

Overall, Professor Branestawm Returns is a charming film that is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Its blend of humor, heart, and vintage charm creates an uplifting experience that is perfect for a family movie night. Whether you're a fan of classic British humor or simply looking for a fun and uplifting film, Professor Branestawm Returns is a must-see.

Professor Branestawm Returns is a Comedy movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 58. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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