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Outlaw Country is a 2012 crime-drama film that revolves around a family involved in a tangled web of wrongdoing and violence. The film is set in the countryside of North Carolina where the Barnes family resides. The head of the family is a retired sheriff, who recently passed away, leaving behind his son, Eli (Luke Grimes), who is a deputy sheriff, and his daughter, Casey (Haley Bennett), who has been struggling with drug addiction.

The film explores the dark and dangerous world of drug trafficking, corruption, and revenge. A group of drug dealers, led by a notorious criminal named Tarheel (John Diehl) has infiltrated the town and are using it as a hub for their drug operations. Eli and his partner are assigned to investigate the matter but find themselves caught in a web of deception and betrayal.

The storyline becomes even more complicated when Eli discovers that his sister, Casey, has been associating with Tarheel's gang, and has become a drug addict herself. Despite his best efforts, Eli finds himself powerless to stop the irreversible downward spiral that his sister is facing.

As the story progresses, tensions rise, and the powerful drug cartel begins to take over the town. The Barnes family finds themselves at the center of the drug war, and the stakes become higher than ever. Eli is forced to make some tough choices as he tries to protect his family while battling ingrained corruption inside the police force.

The highlight of the movie is the exceptional performance of Mary Steenburgen, who plays the matriarch of the Barnes family. Her commanding presence and unwavering spirit give the film a sense of authenticity and grit that is both compelling and heart-wrenching.

The theme of Outlaw Country is dark, gritty, and violent, yet it manages to delve into the complexities of family dynamics, addiction, and corruption in a nuanced and effective way. The movie is not for the faint of heart, as it contains graphic violence, strong language, and drug content. Still, it manages to balance the intensity of its subject matter with a captivating storyline that keeps the viewer engaged till the end.

In summary, Outlaw Country is an intense crime-drama film that explores the murky world of drug trafficking and corruption in a small town. The story is well-told, the characters are well-developed, and the performances are exceptional. Anyone looking for a gripping, gritty, and powerful movie will find Outlaw Country to be an engrossing watch.

Outlaw Country is a Drama, Crime, TV Movie movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

Adam Arkin, Michael Dinner
Mary Steenburgen, Luke Grimes , Haley Bennett
Also starring Luke Grimes
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