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Brotherhood of Justice, directed by Charles Braverman and released in 1986, is a thrilling yet thought-provoking film that captures the viewer's attention right from the start. Thematically, the movie explores the effects of vigilantism and the thin line that separates it from tyranny when placed in the hands of youths. Starring Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland, and Lori Loughlin, Brotherhood of Justice delivers a powerful narrative with deeply emotive performances.

In a departure from his later roles, Keanu Reeves shines as Derek, the charismatic leader of a gang of affluent high school students. Vicariously living through the shadows of their altercations, he is the quintessential character that is entangled in the moral ambiguity of his own actions. Kiefer Sutherland in his role as Victor adds another layer of depth to the narrative. His nuanced portrayal of a conflicted youth effectively complements Reeves's character. Lori Loughlin, as Christie, eloquently portrays what it's like to be connected to the entangled network of this gang, adding a subtler but equally compelling dynamic to the rugged landscape of the film's narrative.

Set in the fictional town of Santa Lucia, California, the narrative unfolds in the seemingly perfect backdrop of an idyllic, prosperous high school. This setting smartly juxtaposes the unfolding grim reality, setting the tone for a creeping unease underscoring the entire narrative. The gang, originally formed to combat the increasing crime in their school, pledges to enforce justice where they believe the authorities have failed. This self-styled vigilante group calls themselves the 'Brotherhood of Justice', a name that resonates ominously throughout the film and serves as a bitter commentary on the misuse of power.

As protagonists, the members of the Brotherhood are not conventionally villainous, but they are not heroes either. They start their mission to combat relatively minor nuisances and problems that beset their school. However, as they become more embroiled in their self-appointed roles, their actions inevitably spiral into darker and more violent realms. Despite their noble intentions, the young vigilantes soon find themselves sliding effortlessly into the very vice they stood against.

Throughout its narrative, the Brotherhood of Justice explores the troubling concept of power without accountability. The narrative effectively dramatizes the transformation of these affluent, privileged youths into oppressors, under the impression of delivering 'justice'. Their downward trajectory serves as the backbone of the film's conflict, tying together the strands of crime, juvenile delinquency, and the moral complexities of good intentions going awry.

A major strength of Brotherhood of Justice is its ensemble cast, led by Reeves and Sutherland. They deliver notable performances, carrying the weight of the storyline on their shoulders. Their portrayal of privileged teenagers intoxicated by a misguided sense of righteousness is both captivating and heart-wrenching.

Visually, the film combines everyday elements of the 1980s high-school life with the grim undertones of a crime thriller. The cinematography and direction together effectively illustrate this contrast, reinforcing the narrative's bleak exploration of misguided vigilantism.

Overall, Brotherhood of Justice is a stark departure from the typical feel-good teen movies that dominated the 1980s. Its gritty portrayal of misdirected heroism, packaged with compelling performances from young, talented actors, propels Brotherhood of Justice into the realm of memorable cinematic experiences. It might leave the viewer with an unsettling aftertaste, but therein lies the brilliance of the movie – it does not shy away from portraying the darkness that can reside in the most unlikely places. It's rooted in the reality of the human condition: the unpredictable and often volatile combination of youth, power, and a self-proclaimed moral compass.

Brotherhood of Justice is a Thriller, TV Movie, Action, Drama, Crime movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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