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One Fine Christmas is a heartwarming holiday movie from 2019 that follows the story of a family trying to keep it together on Christmas day. The movie's stars include Vanessa Williams, Rick Fox, and Sasha Fox. One Fine Christmas is directed by Fred Olen Ray and written by David Golden.

The movie starts with the Whitfield family, a family that used to love spending time together during the holidays, but has fallen apart because of past conflicts. Now, the parents, Audrey (Vanessa Williams) and Donnie (Rick Fox), are divorced, and their children have grown up to have their own lives.

On Christmas Eve, Audrey is hosting a big Christmas dinner at her house, which is the first time the family has been together in years. Audrey wants the dinner to bring everyone closer together again, but things don't go as planned. The family members arrive at different times, and the tension between them is high.

The oldest daughter, Jackie (Sasha Fox), is focused on her career and doesn't have any time for her family. The middle daughter, Lisa (Morgan Dixon), is in the middle of a divorce and is struggling to keep her life together. The youngest son, Michael (Rodney Van Johnson), is a stay-at-home dad who's trying to balance his responsibilities.

Throughout the movie, the family members individually face their own obstacles, which eventually bring them together. They slowly start to let go of their resentments and work on building their relationship with each other again.

One of the most endearing parts of the movie is the relationship between Audrey and Donnie. Even though they're divorced, they still have a great relationship and work together to try to bring their family back together. Despite their constant bickering and disagreements, they both still love each other and their family.

The movie takes a turn when a snowstorm hits, and the family gets snowed in. They're all stuck together, and they have no choice but to work through their problems. Audrey comes up with a fun game that the family can play to distract them from their problems. The game ends up bringing them closer together and helps them to reconnect.

One Fine Christmas has all of the elements of a classic holiday movie: family, love, forgiveness, and happy endings. It beautifully captures the essence of the holiday spirit and reminds us of the importance of family and togetherness. The movie is heartwarming and uplifting, and it's perfect to watch with your loved ones during the holidays.

Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox give great performances as Audrey and Donnie. Williams brings her usual grace and charm to the role of the matriarch of the family, and Fox manages to balance his tough exterior with a soft heart. Sasha Fox, who is Rick's real-life daughter, gives a solid performance as the oldest daughter Jackie.

The movie's score is also noteworthy, and it effectively sets the tone for each scene. The music is traditional and festive, and it fits perfectly with the holiday theme of the movie.

In conclusion, One Fine Christmas is a lovely movie that captures the importance of family and togetherness during the holiday season. It's a feel-good movie that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. With a great cast, a well-written script, and beautiful cinematography, One Fine Christmas is definitely worth watching this holiday season.

One Fine Christmas is a Drama, Comedy, TV Movie movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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