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Once Upon a Texas Train, alternatively titled Texas Guns, is an engaging and humorous 1988 western film. It is filled with outlaws, gunfights, and of course, Texas landscapes. Willie Nelson, Richard Widmark, and Shaun Cassidy contribute to an exceptional ensemble cast that adds depth to the exciting story.

The film centers around Captain Oren Hayes, portrayed by the seasoned actor Richard Widmark. Oren Hayes is a Texas Ranger with a storied history of admirable service. In his time, he has managed to apprehend many criminals who sought to cause harm in the state of Texas. His encounters with outlaws and miscreants have gifted him a reputation that precedes him wherever he goes.

Willie Nelson dons the role of John Henry Lee, a mischievous sheltered outlaw, once jailed by Captain Hayes. However, despite his past, Lee decides to break rule one more time. He is hellbent on desiring to get one last big score to make up for all the years he lost in jail. Teaming up with other former Texas outlaws, the group concocts a plan to rob a Texas train.

Shaun Cassidy plays Cotton, a character as soft as his heart and as tough as his muscles. Cotton is a young, talented law officer who must deal with aging guardians of law and order and cunning outlaws ready to pull the trigger. An eager but conflicted law officer, Cotton is stuck in the midst of his loyalty to his duty and the respect he has for these old timers from both sides of the law.

The crux of the plot follows Captain Hayes as he rises from his retirement when he hears about John Henry Lee's grand plan of a train heist. Despite his age, his determination to enforce the law never wavers. As Hayes steps out of retirement to stop Lee and his gang, he finds the Texas Ranger force much changed from his days of service.

The movie subverts the traditional tales of Western law and order, turning into a comical, marvelous adventure that emphasizes the age-old conflict between outlaws and lawmen. Capturing hearty encounters, light-hearted banter, strategic planning, and the inevitable showdowns, the movie stands out for its wry sense of humor, and it uses the tropes of Western film to great effect without becoming cliche.

Throughout the story, the film also highlights the changing face of the west and the inability of older folks many times to accept this change. The theme presents itself in the character of Captain Hayes, finding the new breed of law enforcement not up to his older standards, where bravery often took precedence over refined skills, and in John Henry Lee, who can't shake off his outlaw instincts even when there's no real need.

Once Upon a Texas Train possesses a powerful nostalgic aura that not only reflects on the changes in the genre of Westerns but also mirrors the experiences of life, aging, and change. Characters like Captain Hayes and John Henry Lee evoke a sense of poignancy as the world evolves around them.

Besides the humor and adventure, the film also manages to strike an emotional chord, mainly due to the skillful performances by the cast and the somewhat melancholic undertones. In particular, the performances by Willie Nelson and Richard Widmark are notable. They capture the complexity of characters who lived by their own principles, finding it hard to let go of the past even as they forge ahead.

Overall, Once Upon a Texas Train is more than a Western about a train heist. It's a well-composed narrative about changing times and the human instinct to resist these changes. The movie is crafted with expert directing, a great storyline, and dedicated performances by the main and supporting actors. While loaded with classic Western motifs, it also provides a fresh approach to decide its run-of-the-mill peers. This film is a delightful ride for any cinephile with an affection for well-balanced western tales mixed with comedy.

This jewel from 1988, starring Willie Nelson, Richard Widmark and Shaun Cassidy, still shines brightly with its system of memorable characters, engaging storytelling, and potent blend of humor, nostalgia, and classic Western thrills.

Once Upon a Texas Train is a Action, Western, TV Movie movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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