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The Money Trap, released in 1965, is an American crime drama film skillfully directed by Burt Kennedy. The film primarily stars Glenn Ford, Elke Sommer, and Rita Hayworth, each delivering gripping performances that add depth and intensity to the narrative. This is a noir-infused classic where violence, love, betrayal, and suspense strategically blend to create a potent and engaging cinematic experience.

Glenn Ford plays detective Joe Baron, a middle-income cop who is struggling to maintain a lifestyle beyond his means. He lives in an upscale neighborhood in what would seem to be a picture-perfect life with his wife Lisa, played by Elke Sommer. However, as the layers are peeled back, underlying veins of dissatisfaction and yearning for an opulent lifestyle start to make a bold appearance.

The plot takes a thrilling turn when Baron’s old friend, Pete Delanos, played by Ricardo Montalbán, turns up with a seemingly irresistible offer of easy money. A burglary gone wrong leads Baron and Delanos to ice-cold cash belonging to a slain doctor suspected of having ties with organized crime. Their moral qualms get stifled by the allure of the money, sparking off a web of faction, subterfuge, and escalating tensions.

The intrigue and tension are further fueled by the captivating character of Rosalie, portrayed by Rita Hayworth. She is Baron's old flame who re-emerges in his life amid the turmoil, adding a new dimension and twists to an already convoluted plot. The complex relationship dynamics and human motivations make this a textured and profoundly psychological drama, and not just a typical crime noir.

The movie leverages stark black-and-white cinematography creating an atmosphere of dystopian reality plaguing the protagonists. This nightmarish landscape sets the stage for the violent confrontations and moral dilemmas that the characters grapple with. The cleverly orchestrated camera work, often using imposing, shadowy visuals, amplifies the suspense and unease.

The Money Trap is a palpable exploration of the pathology of greed and the lengths desperate people will go when confronted with a tantalizing escape from their mundane lives. The film often employs a neo-noir interpretation of the American Dream, unraveling the underbelly of urban, middle-class existence. The seemingly ordinary lives of the characters are fraught with tension, danger, and gray moral areas, reflecting the darkness that can lurk beneath the veneer of respectability.

Glenn Ford, as Joe Baron, infuses intensity and emotional complexity into his character, making the audience empathize with the turbulent choices he makes. Elke Sommer as Lisa brings elegance and depth to her character, standing as a moral compass amidst a whirl of moral decay. Rita Hayworth, in one of her final roles, delivers a powerful, memorable performance that adds further gravitas to the grim narrative.

Ultimately, The Money Trap excels in unraveling the complex tumult of human emotion when faced with dubious choices. It leaves the audience in suspense, constantly wondering what will be the ultimate cost of the desperate quest for easy money, and to what extent the protagonists can escape the clutches of their moral dilemmas.

The Money Trap is lighted-up by exotic performances from iconic artists of the '60s, delivering an enticing tale of crime, passion, and betrayal. The film plunges into the dark depths explored by other noir classics, delivering a sense of inevitable down-spiral triggered by human greed and frailty. Whether you're a fan of old cinema or you simply appreciate a well-written crime narrative, The Money Trap is well worth your time. In the end, it's a poignant story that echoes the resounding truth that there's no easy way out when you're trapped by your vices, especially the lure of easy money.

The Money Trap is a Crime, Drama, Thriller movie released in 1966. It has a runtime of 91 mins.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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