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Once Bitten is a 1985 American horror-comedy film that follows the story of a 400-year-old vampire named Countess who resides in modern-day Los Angeles. The movie stars Lauren Hutton as the Countess, Jim Carrey as Mark Kendall, a high school student who becomes the Countess's latest victim, and Karen Kopins as Robin Pierce, Mark's girlfriend.

The film begins with the Countess searching for a new virgin to feed on in order to maintain her youthful appearance. After discovering Mark at a club, she decides that he will be her next target. However, in order to keep him under her spell, she must bite him three times before the next full moon.

At first, Mark is thrilled with the attention he is receiving from the Countess. She takes him shopping and shows him a glamorous lifestyle that he's only ever dreamed of. However, he soon realizes that things are not what they seem when he begins to crave human blood himself.

Meanwhile, Mark's girlfriend, Robin, becomes suspicious of the Countess and begins to investigate her true identity. Along with her best friend, she uncovers the Countess's plans and sets out to save Mark from her clutches.

Throughout the film, we see Mark's struggle with his new vampiric tendencies, as well as the humorous consequences that come with being a vampire. He must try to hide his fangs from his family and friends and avoid the sun at all costs.

As the full moon approaches, the tension builds as Robin and her friends try to stop the Countess from biting Mark a third time. The final act of the film takes place during a high school dance, where the Countess makes her move and Mark's fate hangs in the balance.

Once Bitten is a classic 80s movie that is full of fun and campy horror tropes. The performances from the cast are over-the-top and hilarious, with Jim Carrey stealing the show as the awkward and lovable Mark. The film also features a fantastic soundtrack, with catchy songs that perfectly capture the spirit of the decade.

Overall, Once Bitten is a highly entertaining movie that delivers on its promise of horror and humor. It's a must-watch for fans of 80s cinema and anyone who loves a good vampire story.

Once Bitten is a Comedy, Horror, Romance movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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Howard Storm
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