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Office Uprising is a 2018 action-comedy film that tells the story of Desmond (Brenton Thwaites), a lazy worker in a weapon manufacturing company. The company's executives develop a new energy drink called "Zolt," which they made mandatory for all employees to consume. The drink enhances productivity, but it also contains a virus that transforms people into homicidal maniacs. Desmond, a non-drinker, and his colleagues, Samantha (Jane Levy) and Mourad (Karan Soni), who also did not drink the energy drink, must survive the sudden outbreak of violence caused by their colleagues-turned-killers. The movie explores the concept of utilizing technology for the good of the company, but at the same time, neglecting the welfare of the human workforce. The employees' productivity is maximized, but it is done by forcefully medicating them with a dangerous drug. The film also touches on the theme of corporate greed, as there is a clear disregard for the ethical consequences of the energy drink. The employees become expendable, and the corporation prioritizes financial gain over human life. Desmond, Samantha, and Mourad initially observe the chaos from afar, but they eventually get involved in the mayhem when they learn that the infected employees are impervious to damage, including gunshot wounds. They form an unlikely trio, with Desmond being the reluctant hero, Samantha as the quick-witted ally, and Mourad as the tech genius, who provides the weapons and strategies for them to survive. The action scenes in the movie are impressive, with creative fight scenes, gun battles, and gore. The infected employees are portrayed as almost indestructible, adding difficulty and tension to the fight scenes. Despite its comedic tone, Office Uprising does not shy away from the horror elements, especially in the scenes showing the brutal outcome of the infected employees' brutality. One of the highlights of the movie is its cast. Brenton Thwaites, who also serves as the film's executive producer, delivers a believable performance as an unassuming underdog who discovers his inner strength. Jane Levy and Karan Soni provide excellent comic relief as they balance the movie's action and humor. The film also features veteran actors, such as Ian Harding, who plays the villainous company executive, Adam, and Zachary Levi, who plays the lead scientist in charge of the energy drink's development. Each actor delivers a compelling performance and adds depth to their characters, making the audience understand their motivations and actions. The film's soundtrack, composed by Benedict Nichols, adds to the movie's overall feel. It features an upbeat electronic sound, which complements the action scenes well. The sound design also adds a layer of tension to the movie, especially in scenes where the infected employees are lurking in the shadows. The film has some flaws, such as its pacing. There are times when the movie loses momentum, especially in the middle parts, with some scenes feeling like filler. However, the strong cast and action scenes more than make up for its shortcomings. In conclusion, Office Uprising is an entertaining action-comedy movie. It has a solid storyline, good action scenes, and excellent performances from its cast. It is a satirical take on corporate greed and the exploitation of the workforce, wrapped up in a high-octane ride of adrenaline and laughs. It is a movie worth checking out for fans of the action and horror-comedy genres.

Office Uprising is a Comedy, Horror, Action movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 120 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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Lin Oeding
Brenton Thwaites, Jane Levy, Alan Ritchson, Zachary Levi, Ian Harding, Karan Soni
Also directed by Lin Oeding
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