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Number One Girl is a 2006 British action thriller that is alluringly intense and peppered with stellar performances by a distinguished cast, taking the audience on an adrenaline-fueled ride through the world of underground fight clubs.

This film is helmed by Luc Campeau and stars Tony Schiena, a dynamic actor renowned for his martial arts prowess. Schiena flawlessly slips into the skin of the protagonist, Joey Scalini, a former World Champion Kickboxer turned loving family man. His portrayal of the character's physical prowess combined with the emotional vulnerability of a man grappling with hidden realities is utterly compelling.

Acting heavyweight, Vinnie Jones, known for his towering screen presence, lends credibility to the menacing character of Dragos Molnar. Jones, notorious for essaying roles with flair and authenticity, delivers yet another cold-hearted villain for viewers to watch with clenched fists. Molnar is the slimy kingpin of a secret and dangerous underground fighting network where there’s more than just the title at stake. He places greed and power above any human compassion, turning the underground arena into a deadly pit.

The lovely and talented Lisa McAllister brings the character Natalie to life. She is not just Joey's girlfriend but also a strong woman placed in an unfortunate situation. Her character bears emotional complexity which adds depth and grit to the film. The multifaceted relationship she shares with Joey gives the plot a personal touch, insinuating the graveness of what's at stake beyond just the fight.

Another standout performance in the production is that of Pat Morita. Famous for his role in ‘The Karate Kid,’ Morita brings his immense acting prowess to the film, crafting a memorable character before he passed away. His character provides an interesting dynamic with Joey Scalini, cultivating a dynamic, heartfelt apprentice-mentor relationship that echoes the classic tale of growth and determination.

The narrative of Number One Girl unfolds as Joey is lured back into the brutal world of underground fighting by the menace of Molnar. Despite a self-imposed exile from this cruel and dangerous realm, circumstances force Joey to descend once more into this hub of anarchy - not for glory's sake, but to protect those he holds dear. The film exposes the raw, nitty-gritty of the underground fighting arena, where every punch carries an undercurrent of fear, struggle, and the urgency to survive.

The fast-paced plot leaves you biting your nails in anticipation as Joey ramps up his combat skills under Morita's tough but nurturing guidance. What makes this film unique is its sheer ability to balance action-packed sequences with a riveting storyline and character development.

The cinematography is commendably immersive, flitting between intense fight sequences, tender emotional moments, and the grim reality of the underground fight network. The claustrophobic fight arenas are shot with terrifying intensity, whilst the ubiquitous menace lurking within the characters' lives is captured beautifully.

Also, prominent is the film's unique sound design and reverberating score. The sounds of punches, the roar of the crowd, and the strategic silence all add to the tension and increasing stakes. The background score amplifies the increasing tension, heightening the urgency and emotional gravity of the narrative.

Number One Girl delves deeper than most films of its genre, presenting not just a whirlwind of brutal fight sequences, but also a poignant study of human resilience, showcasing the depth of a man's obligation to protect the ones he loves. It delivers a potent dose of intensity and drama, both inside and outside the ruthless fighting ring, providing audiences a treat of depth, emotion, and jaw-dropping action choreography.

Whether you are an action junkie, a fan of fight films, or you appreciate a good comeback story—the film stands out as a must-watch! It is an engaging narrative, spiced up by raw fight sequences coupled with intimate, well-developed character growth that makes Number One Girl an engaging and aesthetically fulfilling cinematic experience.

Number One Girl is a Action, Drama, Thriller movie released in 2006. It has a runtime of 84. Critics and viewers have rated it poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 2.4..

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